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Getting to Know You: NFL Lockout Edition

It's time for another of our traditional "Getting to Know You" off-season posts! This is the portion of our program where I ask you guys five questions with a common theme and have you all answer them in the comment section below. The goal, as the title would lead you believe, is to get to know where everyone stands. It's a form of bonding. 

Last time around the 2011 NFL Combine was underway so our questions revolved around that. Today, it seems only natural to make the questions about the ongoing labor negotiations. So our five questions below revolve around a potential lockout. Feel free to interpret and answer any way you see fit. Have fun! 

  1. Which side are you on: players or owners?
  2. Do you think a deal will be reached by the end of this extension?
  3. How long do you think a potential lockout would last?
  4. How closely will you follow the NFL in the event of a lockout?
  5. Will a lockout change your view/opinion of the league?