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Should Saints Look at RB Tiki Barber?

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No, you didn't misread the title of this post.

Not too long ago, Jay Glazer broke the news via Twitter that retired running back turned television analyst Tiki Barber plans to un-retire and return to the NFL:

Just talked w Tiki Barber and his agent Mark Lepselter, Tiki has filed papers to come out of retirement, says he wants to play again

Technically, the NY Giants still hold the rights to Barber's services - there are two years left on his contract - so they've got to activate the running back and then decide whether to keep him or release him. Of course if they release him, the next question immediately becomes: where will he play?

Adam Schefter apparently thinks New Orleans, among other teams, could be a possible landing spot for Tiki Barber:

Early speculative candidates that conceivably could take a flyer on Tiki: John Fox in Denver, Sean Payton in NO, Raheem Morris in Tampa Bay.

What do you guys think? Does Tiki have anything left? Would the Saints legitimately take a look at him?