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CBA Update: Mistrust Still Evident Between NFL Players and Owners

With just three days remaining in the 7-day extension of NFL labor negotiations, things aren't looking good.

Owners offered to turn over audited profitability data of all 32 NFL teams for the past several years but the NFLPA rejected that offer yesterday, sticking to their guns and demanding the full financial statements they've wanted all along. This willingness to cooperate is what has many people concerned about a new deal getting done.

Here's what people close to the talks are saying about the current state of negotiations. As you'll read, it's not very positive.

Andrew Brandt from National Football Post:

Some hardened feelings today in NFL talks. Issue of financial disclosure has revealed continuing lack of trust between the sides.

ESPN's Adam Schefter:

In other words, it's only Tuesday night, but these labor talks sound like they're in serious condition. At least for now.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network:

I will say this, I've sensed that mistrust of one another since NFL/NFLPA got back on Monday. Talks need to get to a better place. And fast.

Here's hoping things start taking a turn for the better before the 5pm EST deadline this Friday.