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Fleur-de-Links: March 9, 2011


Jermon Bushrod
RT @: Updated version of CBA. Sides can't agree on division of revenues or the financial data (cont)

Jonathan Vilma
For those who are tired as hell at work right now, I'm gona take a nap for you lol holla....zzzzzzz
Congressmen urge union, alumni heads to meet: Three members of Congress sent a ...

Adam Schefter
AP reporting that financial data that the NFL offered is not what the NFLPA was requesting.

Jonathan Vilma
"i'm not yo daddy i'm yo graandpa!!"....luv that geico commercial

Adam Schefter
Odd that De Smith has wanted to see profitability figures and now NFLPA is turning down chance to see them. More here:

Reggie Bush
RT @: @ NOTHING was like Bourbon St the night y'all won the Super Bowl! Craziest night ever! (Agreed)

Jermon Bushrod
Bout to get this workout in on my Lil VACAY...

Chris Mortensen
De Smith left mediation building a little while ago - alone. My guess is he headed back to NFLPA offices to talk to the larger group.

The Saints Hall of Fame Announced their All-Time Saints Team. Five current Saints made it.

Usama Young
Just finished a mean yoga session! Feelin rejuvenated

Usama Young
Good morninnnnng. Another beautiful day... Time to get the most out of it.



Report: Agreement reached on rookie wage scale | ProFootballTalk
While the NFL and NFLPA wrangle over potentially crippling transparency issues, they have reportedly settled a smaller problem. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that the two sides have reached a compromise on a rookie wage scale. news: Union wants more financial information than NFL has offered
According to a league source, the NFL's feeling was that it had made a major concession to reveal information on profitability that isn't even available to its clubs. The union's feeling, according to a players association source, was that it was important not to accept any offer to see additional information until it felt the information was sufficient to make decisions on how the $9.3 billion in revenue will be split up going forward, which remains the biggest issue in these labor talks.

NFLPA wants more financial information than it needs | ProFootballTalk
The question becomes whether the league is being truthful when the league claims that profits are dropping, and that profit levels aren’t acceptable. The union doesn’t need to be able to scour the entire books to verify the league’s position.

Impasse approaches regarding financial information | ProFootballTalk
So much for optimism. In his latest excellently detailed (or detailedly excellent) look at the status of the talks between the NFL and the players' union, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports illustrates the divide between the two sides regarding the issue of financial information.

League responds to transparency issue | ProFootballTalk
So much for the cone of silence. With the union getting their position on transparency out into the public, NFL lead negotiator Jeff Pash spoke with NFL Network's Albert Breer on the way in to mediation Wednesday.

Kessler still hasn’t returned to the building | ProFootballTalk
It's the third day of the week, and NFLPA outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler remains absent from the offices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Washington. Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Kessler is in D.C. news: Potential Hall of Fame careers could end with no NFL in 2011



Is Mark Ingram an NFC South fit? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Saints pick No. 24 and they also have other needs that might seem more pressing, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. But Sean Payton’s an offensive coach and he likes new toys. Even though the Saints just re-signed Pierre Thomas, and Chris Ivory did a nice job when pressed into duty last season, I wouldn’t rule out the Saints at least considering Ingram if he’s available when they pick. The Saints still haven’t tipped their hand on the future of Reggie Bush. Even if the Saints extend and restructure Bush’s contract, last season’s string of injuries at that position showed the importance of depth at running back.

Saints Nation: Pierre Thomas Was Had on the Cheap | March

New Orleans Saints reader comment: Team's cornerbacks, safeties as solid as they come |
Highlighting comments from their readers

Chase Daniel sets up endowed scholarship at Mizzou | Campus Corner
Big 12 football and basketball news

Saints Star -- Mardi Gras PARTY with Super Bowl Ring |
New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas celebrated Mardi Gras like a champ -- seriously, the guy threw a party for 1,500 people ... and rocked his…


AROUND THE LEAGUE: news: Shockey's one-year, $3M Panthers deal includes $1M guarantee
Tight end Jeremy Shockey's one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers is worth $3 million, with $1 million guaranteed, according to a league source.



Aaron Rodgers To Spend Offseason Being Compared To Things | The Onion Sports Network
GREEN BAY, WI—NFL experts said Friday that Aaron Rodgers, who since winning the Super Bowl has been likened to his predecessor Brett Favre and 49ers great Steve Young, will spend the rest of the offseason being compared to everything from other foot...

Even Michael Vick A Little Uneasy About How Easily People Have Forgiven Him | The Onion Sports Network
HAMPTON, VIRGINIA—During a press conference Wednesday, Michael Vick admitted that he was both surprised and somewhat disturbed at how quickly and easily the NFL and its fans have forgiven him for running an illegal dogfighting ring.

Nation's Most Promising Rich Men Look To Impress Teams At NFL Owners Combine | The Onion Sports Network
NFL Owning prospects go through the grind of the NFL Owners Combine, hoping their massive income, senses of entitlement and raw coach feuding skills will catch the eyes of an NFL team looking for a new owner.

The NFL's History Of Military Action | Sportsdome
Word has come down that the National Football League has launched a series of missiles into a Cambodian factory/elementary school thought to be fabricating unlicensed NFL merchandise.

ESPN Doesn't Have Heart To Tell John Clayton He Has Never Actually Appeared On Television | The Onion Sports Network
BRISTOL, CT—Though they first pointed a camera at the NFL writer more than 15 years ago as a prank, producers at ESPN still cannot bear to tell John Clayton they have never actually put him on television. "It's heartbreaking to watch him standing outside in the snow at one of these stadiums, trying to keep his wispy mound of hair in place, waiting for his big chance to speak in front of a camera that isn't even rolling," said ESPN executive Kathryn Rich, adding that in order to make Clayton think he is on the air, producers will often have an intern pose as an ESPN anchor and ask him follow-up questions.

Peewee Football Player Retires To Spend More Time With His Mom And Dad | The Onion Sports Network
FERNDALE, MI—After a storied three-month career as the starting running back, the third-string safety, and, when Billy's grandfather died, the punter for peewee football's Ferndale Jets, Jacob Banks, 10, announced Saturday afternoon he was retiring ...