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Varney and Triplett Make Their Marks With First Mock Drafts

With the NFL Draft Season in full bloom now (less than 3 weeks to go!), we have seen numerous "m" words put into play for draft and player analysis stories galore.

Mark my words. SB Nation's own Mocking the Draft. Mark it down. Look ma! I can mock, too! Don't mock my mock draft. The Lincoln Mark series of cars. Dave's 2011 Mock Draft Database. The awesome Mach V from Speed Racer. These are just a few examples.

Well, as of this Sunday, a couple of the Saints beat writers have dipped their toes into the water of the ever-growing Mock Draft swimming pool.

Make the jump to read how it all worked out...

Both James Varney and Mike Triplett have selected Craig "Ironhead" Heyward's son - Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State - for the Saints with the team's first pick in 2011. How fitting would that be? The Saints choose the father AND the son with the 24th pick in their draft's first rounds. The destiny may be too delicious to pass up.

For Varney's full first-round mock draft, go here. Triplett's is here.

Some may find this choice surprising, despite the legacy factor. Akeem Ayers, Adrian Clayborn, and Justin Houston were still on the board in both mocks.

Today Mr. Triplett also published a rationale of the pick, in a spotlight on Heyward, his father's legacy, and a bit of Saints/NFL recent history of the 24th pick.

We didn't just make those picks out of sentimentality, or because Varney is a die-hard Buckeyes fan. We both believe the younger Heyward would be a perfect fit in the Saints' front seven, where they need to add youth and athleticism.

He even quoted Bobby Hebert, who spent time with both Heywards:

"Knowing both of them, Cameron is just like night and day, the maturity of the kid," Hebert said. "You don't have to worry about him getting in trouble like you sometimes did with his dad. Cameron, I know one thing, you don't have to worry about his attitude."

So there it is. Some local experts have speculated that the Saints would pull the trigger on choosing Cameron Heyward, given the way things played out in their mocking minds.

What do you think? C'mon, speculate, criticize and analyze. It doesn't cost a penny, and it's entertaining, too!