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NFL LABOR UPDATE: Judge Nelson Orders Mediation Between NFL Owners and Players

After urging NFL owners and players to continue mediation earlier this week but getting nowhere, Judge Susan Nelson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota - not to be confused with Judd Nelson - has now announced that she will force mediation between the whiny, bickering babies parties. Adam Schefter tweets:

Judge Susan Nelson told NFL and NFLPA that she will impose forced mediation on them early this week. NFL wants DC, NFLPA wants Minnesota.    

Before you get excited and begin thinking the end is near and a deal will be reached soon, take a deep breath and remind yourself who we're dealing with here. Mike Florio explains:

The truth is that judges routinely compel parties to engage in mediation.  It doesn't mean that the parties are required to settle the case.  Instead, they must simply participate in the process in good faith.    

In essence, this is just a formality. Is it possible that the two sides might reach an agreement during these talks? Absolutely. Is it likely? I seriously doubt it.