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2011 NFL Draft: Who Will the Saints Select?

I think it's about time we take the temperature of Who Dat Nation as it relates to the 2011 NFL Draft.

By now you should be reasonably familiar with the myriad college players projected as first round draft targets for the Saints, given the teams needs this off-season. We've only been discussing them ad nauseum for the past month or so. If not, you can do a little research by checking out our mock draft database and draft interest tracker.

But I want to see just exactly who fans think the Saints are actually going to draft when they're officially on the clock that Thursday night. Of course there's no way to truly know which player the Saints will take but chances are good it will be one of the guys already linked to the team and the 24th overall pick. So I've compiled a poll with nearly all of those projected players thus far and I want you to vote for the one most likely to be selected this April 28th.

That's all there is to it. So stop wasting any more time and vote. Feel free to share your more elaborate opinion in the comment section below.

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