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Fleur-de-Links: April 13, 2011


Pierre Thomas
its a CELEBRATION bitches!! I'm outa the boot

Pierre Thomas
let me clarify for ya'll...i'm finally out of my "walking boot" from my ankle surgery not out of the state of Louisiana. LOL
Drew Brees was named a finalist for the Pro Football Writers of America "Good Guy Award."

New Orleans Saints
The PFWA's Good Guy Award goes to the player who best helped the media do its job. Brees won it last season

jonathan goodwin
I see @ trying to show me up today by doing cardio a lot longer than me.

Adam Schefter
RT @ Thoughts on Lions chances this year? ... If Stafford's healthy for majority of season, they'll make the playoffs. Put him on the list, Stu!

Reggie Bush
Satan builds his strongholds in the shadows of our strengths...

Usama Young
Thanks man. Got to RT @: @ out here making a difference with our youth! Good work bruh!

Malcolm Jenkins
please tell me somebody saw what this incoming rookie was wearing on NFL network? He think it fly too lol

Malcolm Jenkins
He got that sleeveless black /black pin stripe jacke w/ the aqua short sleeve shirt lol

Usama Young
These kids are hilarious!...... Supposed to be asking questions about scholarships, admissions, etc. They asking about go go's on campus

NOLA Saints Nation
are interviewing Washington LB Mason Foster pre-draft. Apparently they like this guy a lot. Gotta hand it to @ for calling it

New Orleans Saints
RT @ Check out @'s incredible high school highlights on @ -

NOLA Saints Nation
Upgraded my season tickets for 2011. Can't wait to get reimbursed when games get cancelled!

DeMario Pressley
The things people do to"try," and lose weight. I've heard something crazy things. What happened to eating right and working out??

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Legend Kermit Ruffins is performing tonight at @. Here is a hit by him for ur lunch hour!

Reggie Bush
Woke up this morning with God on my mind. He definitely spoke to me this morning. The spiritual warfare we live in is real...

Jeff Duncan
/Pack opener looks remote RT @: Not confirmed, but continue to hear ...that it will be Bears @ Packers in Wk 1 Thurs opener. GOOD!!! Always tough for the visiting team to win in week 1. Especially against the defending champs. Would rather we get some recent film on these guys before traveling to Green Bay.

Malcolm Jenkins
Really not looking forward to this work out... but the grind must continue!


Wednesday At The Square This Week

NFL Draft: 10 best and worst picks of the New Orleans Saints -- No. 6 worst |
Continuing series that runs until this year's NFL draft

New Orleans Saints Top 10 best-worst draft picks of all time |
Series of stories on Saints draft



NFC South mocking with McShay - NFC South Blog - ESPN
McShay has New Orleans taking Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson at No. 24. Some people view him as a defensive end and some see him as a defensive tackle in the NFL. The Saints could use help at either spot and they don’t have to make an immediate decision on what position he’ll play for the long term. This is sort of like 2009, when the Saints used their first-round pick on Malcolm Jenkins. They used him as a cornerback as a rookie and moved him to free safety, where he blossomed last year.



Fitzgerald sends Cardinals a message: Don’t draft a quarterback | ProFootballTalk
The Arizona Cardinals have been heavily connected to quarterbacks in the draft, particularly Blaine Gabbert of Missouri. They held a private workout for Gabbert on March 23, sending a large contingent of high-ranking club officials to Columbia.

More red flags for Nick Fairley: He’s irresponsible, too | ProFootballTalk
Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley's draft stock has allegedly dropped since the end of the college season, when he was considered in most circles to be the Panthers' likely choice at No. 1 overall. The "one-year wonder" label is understandable.

Madden release date moves back three weeks | ProFootballTalk
With the lockout lingering, the folks at EA are feeling the effects of the labor impasse.  And so will the rest of us. Eric Fisher of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the release date for the latest version of the Madden franchise has been pushed back three weeks, from August 9 to August 30.

NFL’s rookie wage proposal includes eliminating holdouts | ProFootballTalk
The Associated Press got a hold of the NFL's proposed rookie wage scale on Wednesday. Some of the financial stuff is interesting -- the league wants to divert $300 million-per-year from first-round picks to veterans -- but the fine print is fascinating.

Peyton Manning, wife Ashley, welcome twin boys |
Eli Manning's daughter born March 21

Terry Bradshaw says he's feeling effects of concussions |
Hall of Fame QB undergoing rehabilitation for short-term memory loss and more

NFL players in pre-mediation meeting with judge | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA