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Should the Saints Draft a Wide Receiver?

I was reading this list of Saints' team needs over at and was kinda puzzled over their assessment. They say the Saints need help at DE, OLB, OL, and WR. We can probably all agree on the first three positions and also add RB into the mix as well, but WR? Here's why they think so:

WR: It’s time to start developing another wideout.  Devery Henderson is replaceable, Lance Moore is a free agent, and Robert Meachem is a free agent after 2011.  Sean Payton likes to have a four wideout rotation and give his receivers a redshirt year, so he could plan ahead with a mid-round pick.

I can't argue that much over their assessment of Henderson. He did seem to regress last year. Lance Moore may be a free agent, but it seems more likely that Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton will work out a long term contract with him once the lockout ends rather than let him go. Barring a disastrous 2011 season, I expect Meachem will be re-signed also. He said in a recent interview that he expects to be healthier than ever this season after having surgery to repair the injured ankle that plagued him all of last year.

And then there's the Saints WR they didn't mention - Adrian Arrington. We've been patiently waiting for this kid to emerge ever since he was drafted with the 237th overall pick back in 2008. He's mostly been on either injured reserve or the practice squad due to nagging injuries and the WR depth ahead of him. He's rarely seen the field outside of preseason games. I have to believe Sean Payton wouldn't have kept Arrington in his hip pocket for three years if he didn't think he had potential. Could this be the year Arrington finally gets off the practice squad? He's done well at running routes and catching passes. It's his kick returning and special teams skills that have so far left much to be desired.

I'm not saying Pay-Loo should avoid WRs in the draft. If someone they have rated high enough is there when they pick, they should grab him (and they probably will). The problem is that, barring trades, they only have six picks this year and won't be selecting in the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds. They also won't be able to sign undrafted players until the lockout ends. Other positions might be more worthy of those six picks.

Not sure I'm buying's assessment that WR is a Saints team need in this draft. What do you think?