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Fleur-de-Links - April 15th: Saints in Perfect Spot to Land Impact Player?

The article of the day award goes to Larry Holder at Based on recent draft history, he suggests there might be some magic around the no. 24 overall pick. He thinks the Saints might be in prime pouncing position for an impact player.

The No. 24 overall selection arguably has been the shrewdest and, in turn, the most productive pick of the first round or any other round in the past decade. Sure, not every pick turned into the second coming of Johnny Unitas or even Johnny Appleseed (here's looking at you, Ahmed Plummer and Willie Middlebrooks). But some of the players drafted 24th overall are a who's who of the NFL:

2000: CB Ahmed Plummer, Niners
2001: DB Willie Middlebrooks, Broncos
2002: S Ed Reed, Ravens
2003: TE Dallas Clark, Colts
2004: RB Steven Jackson, Rams
2005: QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers
2006: CB Johnathan Joseph, Bengals
2007: S Brandon Meriweather, Patriots
2008: RB Chris Johnson, Titans
2009: DT Peria Jerry, Falcons
2010: WR Dez Bryant, Cowboys

Me likey this optimistic article. I wasn't aware that this spot in past drafts had been so fruitful. Let's hope the no. 24 overall selection continues to yield great results. Onto the links and tweets.



Malcolm Jenkins
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Malcolm Jenkins
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Expected in the next 2 weeks RT @ what day is the NFL going to announce the regular season schedule for this upcoming year?

deuce mcallister
Got My Tiger Red on

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Mason Foster works out

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Adrian Clayborn works out

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Akeem Ayers visits

New Orleans Saints
Video of the Day: Chase Daniel hits Pierre Thomas for a 31-yd TD vs. Texans in the preseason. Watch the block by Nicks!

New Orleans Saints
Saints News: Mark Ingram, Julio Jones visited the Rams on Thursday (The National Football Post) -

Usama Young
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Leigh Torrence Jr
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Usama Young
Good mooooorning. On my way to PG Sport and Learning Complex to talk to the students at the college fair... Gettin em ready

Usama Young
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Lance Moore
TGIF tweeps. Hope everyone has a great day and a great start to their wknd. Smiles all day!

Jeff Duncan
It happened: At dinner, @ just asked who Bob Seger is. ... Which made me feel like 80.



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moosedenied " Blog Archive " So, what if the Saints miss the Mark?
"*SPOILER ALERT!* No matter who the Saints end up drafting 13 days from now, it's all but a certainty that by the end of the weekend I'll have figured out some way to convince myself that it was a great pick. And then I'll try to convince you. Fair warning."

Saints in perfect spot to land impact player in draft - NFL - -
Super Bowl champion to first-round flameout -- New Orleans' fall was stunning. It's back to the draft for help, and the Saints are in great position. No. 24 has proven to be a gold mine of talent, Larry Holder says.

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It’s Friday, with the weekend ahead of us and the New Orleans Saints on the clock. The Saints are a team out of the Jaguars’ division, from the other conference, which may have been reasons there wasn’t a tremendous amount of passion among the readers for this selection. And then there’s that other realistic factor: The final selections of the first round? They’re just, plain hard to pick.



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