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Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, April 16

If April had 32 days, we'd be at the midpoint of it. Since it doesn't, let's just call it early in the second half of April. After kicking off to the opponent, our D held them to a quick Three and Out, and now Drew Brees is trotting out on the field to begin our first drive of the 3rd Quarter of April...

Dagnabbit!! I miss me some football. If it's this bad for me now, how bad will it be when stuff should really be happening (mini-camps, player signing updates, training camp, etc. ), but isn't because of this confounded labor dispute? I'm trying not to think about it, while at the same time mentally preparing myself for a BIG VACUUM this Summer and early Fall.

Make the jump for your Saturday Selection of tweets, links, and videos, my friends.


usama_young28 Usama Young Source Code... Sama's Movie Critics gives it 3 out of 5 Fleur de Lis. Was a little slow at times
usama_young28 Usama Young Speaking of that. Lincoln Lawyer 4.5 Fleur de Lis out of 5. Great movie RT @Queen_Shine: @usama_young28 *waves* hiiii movie critic buddy :)
usama_young28 Usama Young No chance RT @OMGits_TCOLE: @usama_young28 are yu goin 2 see scream 4?
ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr What to do on a Friday Night...... hmmh?
ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr Anybody @ #CoachellaLive? Wish I was!
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Packing is not fun. On the flip side I will be in Jamaica tom so who's complainin lol
miketripletttp Mike Triplett #Saints have scheduled pre-draft visit with Hawaii RB Alex Green next week. They're definitely doing homework on RBs in this year's draft.
jgoody76 jonathan goodwin In Montgomery Alabama! What's poppin!? Lol I'm playin bout to lay it down!
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod New Orleans where's the hot spot tonite?!?
alexbrown96 Alex James Brown There we go boys... Go Hawks!!!! Just got back from the movies with @karimarbrown and kids and now watching the game.
dmcallister26 deuce mcallister It feels good to be bck
caplannfl Adam Caplan If you're not following @gregcosell, you're insane. My #1 must follow. What he's been posting on twitter this morning is worth paying for.
gregcosell Greg Cosell  by caplannflBased on film, Gabbert v. Colorado + Nebraska (predominant man coverage) raised major red flags. Again, all QB have significant concerns.
gregcosell Greg Cosell  by caplannflGreat point re: Locker v. Nebraska. College QBs not much experience v. press man. College + NFL different games. Must evaluate skill sets.
robyslyfe Courtney Roby "@RobyIsBlessed: Game Day!!!! Up early to get the mind and body right"<<---Grind time bruh #LEGGOO
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Bout to go ATVing wit @MarcEd029 and @Meats_Way... #likeyeah
alexbrown96 Alex James Brown @JonVilma51 happy birthday old man...
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Productive morning! @SterlingOSPT put on a great presentation about strength training and nutrition. Teaming up to put on a youth camp soon!
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Feels so good putting your feet up after a long work out shoot long week of work outs! Thanks to Zach Fears and @SterlingOSPT wall stretch!
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore One of my least favorite places, the airport. I only put up w it bc I have to lol. Just can't wait to be in Jamaica.
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Ill def be tweeting a lot less for the next 4-5 days, but I pray that everyone stays blessed and enjoys themselves. Be coo tweeps



Brian Billick on Carolina Panthers', New Orleans Saints' NFL draft needs | FOX Sports on MSN
Billick examines the draft needs of the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints and looks at running backs Mark Ingram and Mikel Leshoure. 

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees proud of his stand against the NFL |
Mike Triplett - He says he feels like it is a calling for him.

Brees says he likely will attend future mediation sessions | ProFootballTalk
Florio's take on a segment of Triplett's article on Brees. 


NFL Mediation Blues

NFL, players to pick up labor talks next week | news services - Day 2 of court-ordered talks between the NFL and its locked-out players recessed with the judge giving both sides a significant amount of homework in the form of questions they need to answer upon convening again Tuesday.

NFL, players 'serious' about mediation, will continue Tuesday |
Albert Breer - The NFL and players met for a second day before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan on Friday morning, continuing the mediation ordered by U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson. (includes video)

NFL owners, players told to do their homework | FOX Sports on MSN
NewsCore (whatever that is) - NFL owners and players were urged to "take the weekend and do some homework" by the apparently frustrated federal court judge.


The Draft

2011 draft could topple 1983 first-round quarterback record | ProFootballTalk
It's a flurry of Florio today...Enjoy!

Mosley's stone-cold NFL draft locks |
Matt Mosley - The GMs who select these players will be able to sleep at night and feel good about their job security.

Need for franchise QB overrides safe-pick theory |
John Clayton - Sans an elite QB, a team that goes for the safe pick at the top of the draft will be hard-pressed to change its fortunes, John Clayton writes.

Quarterback Cam Newton's talent unquestionable to be an NFL star |
James Varney - There still might be some questions on the character issue.

Needy teams shouldn't wait for second round to draft a QB |
Vic Carucci - Listening to at least two team executives and multiple draft analysts, there seems to be a growing expectation of a first-round run on quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL Draft. (HansDat note: oooooh, 'growing expectation' - is that more reliable than a gut feeling or a wildly speculative guess pulled out of one's a**?)



These shows would be ratings gold, Jerry. Gold! |
Adam Rank - Anybody can have a TV cameo. But the true test of an NFL players ability to cross over to television is to star in their own TV show.


V-Roll Roll Call

Video: Charnac the Magnificent |
The all-seeing, all-knowing draft swami (Charley Casserly, channeling his inner Johnny Carson) joins "Path to the Draft" to look into the future of the 2011 event.