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Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, April 2

Today's Fleur-de-Links shows you what happens when Lance has too much tweeting time on his hands. Hey Lance, sometimes Moore is less.

Making the jump also brings you to a couple of videos, some draft and lockout stories, and a bit more.


LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Yep up this early on a saturday. Feels weird but feels good to have something to do. Morning run! Let's go @NickMoore_1 @DLO614@Alexcouch24
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Happy saturday tweeps. Let's make it a good one, bc u won't have another one for a wk! #thinkerstweet lol
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore O and I think I like that 'All Back' song from chris browns album a lot more than I did on the first couple listens.
HeathEvans Heath Evans Who's up doing something productive? Early Saturday morning lift & massage then movies w/ my little princesses!
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore RT @LaurenASchultz: Yumm cinnamon crunch bagel from panera is seww yummy!< Agreed!
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore RT @JesseniaVice: Notification: Today is "World Autism Awareness Day" learn about it & see how you can help
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Watching the movie the Fighter. Makes me wanna box for a second......welp that second is up lol. Looks good tho, so far
reggie_bush Reggie Bush House Music is taking over right now! Wow!
reggie_bush Reggie Bush RT @Trojan81#DBD told you years ago RT @reggie_bush: House Music is taking over right now! Wow! (Lol! Yeah yeah yeah)
reggie_bush Reggie Bush I mean I love Hip Hop and R&B first but I'm starting to like this House/Techno music. The parties are definitely way more energized! Lol!
HeathEvans Heath Evans Pray for me guys! We have have about 10 little 6-8 yr old showing up in about 15 min!
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Any university of Maryland fans... Tune into ESPN#montrosechristian #23 @JDotAnderson23
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Ayyyup RT @DariusButler28 Can't wait to watch them #Uconnboys beat up on UK tonight! #FinalFour



Local players are invited to New Orleans Saints tryouts |
James Varney - They are LSU players who are from the area.

Josh Looney - The complete in-house history of every pick the Chiefs own in 2011. You have to scroll down to get to the Horn Section.


NFL Draft

Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton among draft prospects with red flags |
Andrew Perloff - The day Andrew Luck announced he was going back to Stanford, the top of the 2011 NFL Draft became far less certain. The field is loaded with talented players, but they all have red flags.

Andy Dalton has chance to be the Drew Brees of 2011 NFL Draft |
Peter King - Every draft has wild cards, some because of ability, some because of off-field problems. In terms of ability, TCU quarterback Andy Dalton is the most intriguing wild card out there. (See what they did there? They're comparing this kid to Drew Brees...and now I've linked to it. Rats! I fell for it.)

Fred Rouse, Mike Coughlin, other atypical NFL draft prospects |
Don Banks - When it comes to the players who make up an NFL draft, everyone has a story. 


NFL Lockout/Decertification Blues

Judge Susan Richard Nelson to decide NFL's future, rule on lockout |
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Susan Richard Nelson wanted to make a difference as an attorney. Do something that mattered.

Jason Pinkston: Let's Play Some Football |
The following is adapted from an interview conversation conducted by Khalil Garriott, Website Editor for the NFLPA. In his guest column, Pinkston gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at how he's preparing for the NFL Draft and his take on the NFL Lockout. 


V-Roll Roll Call

Puddy, T.O. talk NFL draft | Page 2 Video |
Scoop Jackson interviews The Tick and TO.

New Orleans Saints video mailbag: Of the players currently on the roster, which ones are the Saints likely to keep at running back? -