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Who's More Foolish: The Fool, Or The Fool Who Follows Him?

The Star Wars quote in the headline gives me the chance to use this picture of "Return of the Jedi" Princess Leia Dancers. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
The Star Wars quote in the headline gives me the chance to use this picture of "Return of the Jedi" Princess Leia Dancers. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Those are the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. I don't think he was talking about Twitter, since that movie was set a long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away.

Regardless, here we are, one day removed from the foolishness that is April Fools Day. In honor of us all having survived the day with our sanity intact (I hope), I bring to you this collection of videos and links to various April Fools Day pranks from yesterday and years past, some from the NFL, and some from the wider world beyond the League.

Make the jump to laugh your a** off. Or don't make the jump and laugh anyway. Or make the jump and be horribly disappointed and then let me have it in the comment section. Or shut down your computer and go grill a burger before the Final Four games start (personally, I'll be grilling filet mignon for the wife and me tonight). Or...ok, I'll stop with options.

Please also use the comment section to share a favorite or embarrassing April Fools joke, or tell us how your April Fools Day went.

Remember April Fools Day 2010? When our very own Dave C and the Dave C of The Falcoholic acted as if they switched their allegiances? I do. It was pretty funny. Only I can't find links to either of their stories. I have tried a few different search terms in both the CSC and google search windows, but I came up with nada. Can anyone help me out in the comment section? Maybe what Jeff Duncan says about us lazy, unprofessional bloggers is right.

We also have our very own Grizz getting in on the action yesterday with his Fanshot.

In a 2010 gem, this video shows Rich Eisen and the NFL Network crew having some fun with Shawne Merriman and breaking news on an NFL memo about a new rule change.

Leigh Bodden of the New England Patriots used Twitter for some April Foolin'.

This one's not related to the NFL, but was posted on an NFL forum, so enjoy it for what it is...I found it pretty funny.

Alright, just thought I would share some of the tom foolery that was going about today, and open it up for some side splitting naratives from the crowd ...

I sit next to a copier at work. The IT department put a sign on the copier alerting the users that the copier had been upgraded, and that it is now voice activated.

There was one guy who walked up to it, started speaking softly. After about 3 attempts he starts escalating his voice until he is all out yelling at the copier. He then asked me to call IT and tell them that it was screwed up ... I just got up and walked away.

And just to show that you must be careful about what kind of pranks you play, from The Boy Who Cried Wolf Department, check out what this Illinois 16-year-old did yesterday. Oops, I guess she didn't think about the consequences of people falling for her joke. Well, I bet she's thinking about them now.

This one's not April Fools-related, and is almost 2 years old, but Jay Glazer presented this video punking Thomas Morstead and Chase Daniel and some other Saints players from Thanksgiving 2009.

The penultimate part of this puerile post takes you to's Emmitt Smith page. If you like to laugh, and enjoy mocking athletes who speak poorly in public, this one's for you.

And finally, here's a video of Def Leppard playing their anthem to April 1, Foolin'. The lyrics have nothing to do with April Foolin', but their hair and the video are pretty foolish, imo.