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Saints Already Underdogs in 2011 Season

It's never too early to set odds and place bets.

Even though the NFL schedule was released just two days ago, some of the guys in Vegas have already begun handicapping the Week 1 NFL games. Of course, they started with the first game of the season*: our New Orleans Saints vs. the Green Bay Packers.

And they don't think too highly of the Black & Gold's chances at Lambeau Field on Thursday night. At least not right now. As it stands at the time of me writing this, the current Super Bowl champion Packers are favored by six points over our former Super Bowl champs. Obviously, that's more than the standard three points allotted to the home team.

I know this could possibly be one of the tougher games for the Saints next season but what do you guys think about the Saints first test of the 2011 season? Are these odds complete bullcrap or are they legitimate?

If you're looking for a little perspective on this matchup from the opponents point of view, check out what the enemy is thinking about this game and the 2011 Saints over at SB Nation's Packers blog, Acme Packing Company:

This is not a team looking to re-build after a disappointing end to a promising season. Who knows what they'll be able to do in the draft or free agency (when it finally begins) but they are a team that's just a couple of pieces away from returning to a 13-3 season. They're built to win now, and they will be a very tough first opponent in 2011.

*Season may not actually happen.