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Sean Payton Pleased With Saints' 2011 Schedule

I'm not the only one who likes the Saints' 2011 schedule. The Coach is also quite pleased with the cards he's been dealt:

"I look at travel logistics,’’ Payton said, "and we don’t have a lot of long trips because of the divisions we’re playing against (NFC North and AFC South). We also have a lot of mid-day starts. It doesn’t appear weather will play a factor and I like the later bye, too. All in all, I like the schedule and it presents a great challenge for us.’’

"To open the season against the defending Super Bowl champions, at Lambeau Field, is a tremendous challenge right off the bat,’’ Saints Coach Sean Payton said Tuesday night. "Plus, the fact that we end up with four primetime games is a sign that there is a high level of interest in the Saints. That reflects favorably on both our organization and our fans.’’

If he and Mickey do well in the draft next week, WHO DAT optimism will surely be high once the season* begins. The table is being set for another deep play-off run. Only one obstacle still remains - players and owners finally finding something to agree on. It'll be a crying shame if an extended lockout interferes with what could be a favorable road map to TWO DAT success.

*Season may not actually happen.