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Fleur-de-Links: April 22, 2011


Adam Schefter
Bottom line: Weeks 2 and 4 can just be dropped. Every team is home once and away once, and there are no division games.

Adam Schefter
The Da Vinci Code of schedules continues: Each team @ home in week 2 is on road in week 4; each team on road in week 2 is @ home in week 4.

Adam Schefter
No divisional games in week 4? According to Elias Sports Bureau, there never has been a week without a divisional game since AFL-NFL merger.
DeMario Pressley
I'm getting stronger, faster, and losing a few lbs.... OMG someone is gonna have a problem on their hands

DeMario Pressley
I just got of the scale and I've decided to give my self the rest of the week off. Start back up on Monday...

Lance Moore
RT @: Again I am NOT HOSTING at KRESS nightclub tonight those promoters are LIARS, whoever they are. ...

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Likely will take a OLB early in draft

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Could take a DT with first pick

VIDEO: "Chris Ivory...not many teams are going to stop him," - Troy Aikman

Darren Sharper
If you wake up and life gives you lemons. Make Greg Normans. :)

Zach Strief
Hope everyone has a Good Friday. Pun intended.

Adam Schefter
ESPN researcher David Bearman noticed none of NFL's week 4 matchups are divisional matchups, another sign this schedule was well conceived.

Peter King
by AdamSchefter
RT @: 7 years ago today, Pat Tillman was killed. Hats off to him+every soldier defending us ... Thanks for the reminder.

Reggie Bush
I usually stay in my lane, no wait I always stay in my lane, but some of these dudes about to push me over the edge! Ok back 2 good Reggie!

Reggie Bush
"Hating is hard work! When I just bounce back!" This ones for you! -T.I

deuce mcallister
I am so blessed to have a great team around me they r walking with me not behind me. . The Movement

Reggie Bush
I HATE with a passion when guys lie on their manhood! If you never hooked up with a chick, or used to talk to her! Don't lie about! LAME!!!

Reggie Bush
Your not making yourself any cooler by saying you did something with a girl! And your not any less of a man if you never have!

Reggie Bush
But you will look dumb if people find out you lying on a chick the whole time! Especially if ya boys find out!


Saints coach Payton pleased with 2011 schedule

New Orleans Saints' outlook at defensive tackle |
Team needs to add impact players throughout front seven

Deuce Sets Saints Touchdown Record

The World Champion Packers' best and worst games in 2011: Fan's take - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
New Orleans Saints at Lambeau Field on September 8th - A meeting of the past two champions, just may be a meeting between the two best teams in the National Football Conference (NFC). This game is on Thursday preceding the rest of the leagues games on Sunday. It's only one game, but still a colossal contest.

A ridiculously early look at the 2011 Indianapolis Colts schedule: Fan's take - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
New Orleans Saints (11-5) Away on Oct. 23 at 8:20 p.m. (Sunday Night Football) A rematch of Super Bowl XLIV. If the Colts play all four quarters, contain Drew Brees(notes) and Marques Colston(notes), watch out for the on-side kick after halftime, and avoid throwing pick-sixes to Tracy Porter(notes) this time, they should come away from the bayou with a victory.

Saints Nation: Catch Up on Your Saints Reading | April

NFL Draft: 10 best and worst of the New Orleans Saints -- No. 3 best pick |
Contuing series leading up to this year's NFL draft



Jerry Rice picks A.J. Green over Julio Jones | ProFootballTalk
As the draft quickly approaches, two receivers are expected to go in round one -- possibly in the first 10 picks.  Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, a first-round wideout 26 years ago, recently offered his take on the question of whether Georgia's A.J.

Fantasy Phenoms - Fantasy Phenoms 2011 NFL Mock Draft - Fantasy Phenoms,Jason Sarney,Fantasy Phenoms 2011 NFL Mock Draft,NFL Mock Draft,Mock Draft

Scouts say Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley will be either a star or a bust |
Part 7 of 9-part series: Defensive tackles

NFL draft 2011: A closer look at the defensive tackles |
Alabama's Marcell Dareus a sure-fire top-five pick

Intrigue in the draft's second round? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The National Football League announced that it will let 32 former players announcing picks, starting in the second round, during next week’s NFL

Scout’s Mock part II - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Upon request, here is how the first round of the 2011 NFL draft would shake down if I was the GM of every team... - National Football League news

Ranking the 32 former players who will announce picks at NFL draft - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Comprehensive National Football League news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more



Tiki’s agent knew broadcasting career was going poorly right away | ProFootballTalk
Ian O’Conner of writes that Tiki met with Jon Gruden and former Bucs G.M. Bruce Allen for drinks midway through the 2007 season, with Gruden putting on a full court press to sign Tiki for the stretch run. Barber’s agent was all for it, because he didn’t like how Barber’s broadcast career was starting out.

Bears’ Gould blasts owners’ greed, has no sympathy for players who don’t save their money | ProFootballTalk
"Look, fans don’t buy tickets to see Virginia or Brian McCaskey," Gould told the Chicago Tribune. "They pay to watch Brian Urlacher, Drew Brees and all the great players. This lockout is all because of the owners’ greed. I’m sorry if that sounds cold, but it is the truth."

Lions say Matthew Stafford's rehab is going well - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP)—Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew says Matthew Stafford’s(notes) recovery from surgery on his right, throwing shoulder is going well.

NFL says law firm can't bring new players to court - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—The NFL has rejected a law firm’s request for a conflict-of-interest waiver to represent a group of players seeking to join the antitrust fight against the league.

Law firm addresses NFL conflict of interest issue | ProFootballTalk
Two days ago, a report emerged that up to 70 players were considering the possibility of intervening in the Tom Brady antitrust litigation.  As it turned out, the firm in question had a conflict of interest, which the NFL refused to waive.

All NFL employees have taken 12% pay cut | ProFootballTalk
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and lead negotiator Jeff Pash aren't the only league employees with reduced salaries during the lockout. Bob Glauber of Newsday, reporting live within the bowels of league headquarters Friday, reports that all NFL employees have taken a 12% pay cut during the lockou...

Tebow sees the silver lining in the lockout | ProFootballTalk
Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, in a lengthy radio interview with 790 the Zone in Atlanta, addressed the impact of the lockout on preparations for his second NFL season -- and possibly his first as a full-time starter. And Tebow finds something positive in an otherwise negative situation.

NFL could cancel Weeks 2 and 4 without losing any divisional games | ProFootballTalk
Another day, another interesting nugget about the newly released NFL schedule, once again showing that the league office planned the 2011 season with the possibility of canceling some early games in mind.