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Fleur-de-Links - April 26th: Could a Saints/Bills Draft Day Trade be in the Works?

More draft day rumors today. is saying that the Bills may seriously be looking to trade back into the first round and one of the teams they've discussed this move with is the New Orleans Saints. 

Strong rumors persist out of Buffalo that the Bills have numerous needs that they would like to address in this draft without giving up their top pick, the 3rd overall. One of the teams that reportedly has had dialogue with Bills brass is the New Orleans Saints. One news report that fueled the rumor had former Bills wideout Andre Reed, who is scheduled to announce the 2nd round pick for the team, saying on Twitter that he is looking forward to announcing Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder’s name. Reportedly, there are at least 2 other teams that might be willing to trade with the Bills to allow them to grab the former Seminole. If the Saints do trade out of their 1st round choice (24th overall), they would receive additional picks that could include selections in rounds 2, 3 and/or 4.

Who knows what to believe in these final days before the draft? Teams love to toss out misinformation at this time to throw people off of their draft plans. Still, there's no reason to believe Payton and Loomis wouldn't make this trade if their top-rated guys are already gone at no. 24. They may not be content with the six picks they currently have, since they most likely won't be able to bring in the large number of undrafted players they usually do right after the draft. The Bills currently have the second selection in round 2 (no. 34 overall) and are reportedly looking for a QB this draft. A trade up with the Saints would put them one selection ahead of the Seattle Seahawks, who also are reportedly looking to draft a QB.



New Orleans Saints
Full Audio of GM Mickey Loomis' Pre-Draft Press Conference -

Heath Evans
"@: "@: @ I'm not under contract! I can't go even if the lockout is over!" What? They better sign you! Thx bud.

Bobby McCray
I don't get why people pull out camcorders and record my car while I'm driving?? Its annoying... Thank god for Limo Tints..

Usama Young
Just finished makin it rain in the gym.... Weeeeet wet wet. @ and @ had their umbrellas out!.... I'm lyin

New Orleans Saints
Loomis speaking with the media

Reggie Bush
"I got a dream that's worth more than my reality" -Big Sean

New Orleans Saints
Loomis said (with a smile) the Saints are not going to draft a long snapper, punter or kicker in the first round...

New Orleans Saints
Loomis said it is probably the most-depth at defensive line he has seen in a draft class.

New Orleans Saints
Loomis said he spoke with Malcolm Jenkins today and that he was the only player that came by the facility.

Adam Schefter
UFL draft is May 2. League announced rights to 10 players per team, including Willie Parker, Hank Baskett, Colt Brennan.

New Orleans Saints
Loomis to Sirius Radio on the Saints' draft preparation: "We have our board pretty much set. We are reviewin… (cont)

Chase Daniel
This is a very confusing time for all players, fans, & teams. Stay the course and believe! Were taking the steps in the right direction!

Lance Moore
Great to see some old peeps in toledo last night. Gonna get a wkout in at the ut facility w @ ...

Adam Schefter
Judge Nelson will take at least another day, until 9 am Wednesday, to consider whether to put ruling on hold.



Highlights from Loomis' Interview with Sirius NFL Radio

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NFL Draft 2011 Rumors: Saints could trade out of first round with quarterback-hungry Bills
Strong rumors persist out of Buffalo that the Bills have numerous needs that they would like to address in this draft without giving up their top pick, the 3rd overall. One of the teams that reportedly has had dialogue with Bills brass is the New Orleans Saints.

Bill Parcells: Gossiping scouts are a good source of draft information | ProFootballTalk
"I think you have an idea, generally, what players may be available to you, based on your work and your research and, actually, your conversations with people," Parcells said. "People can’t help but talk a little bit. You kind of have an idea what may transpire."

De Smith says players aren’t attacking the draft, sort of | ProFootballTalk
"If he truly believes that the draft is something that we’re attacking, then I don’t know what’s gonna happen on Thursday, but the last time I checked my calender, the draft is scheduled to move forward," Smith quipped.

Web site claims it will pay Cam Newton $1 million to pass a polygraph | ProFootballTalk
Cam Newton says he didn't know his dad asked for $180,000 from colleges that were recruiting him. If he'll say that while strapped to a polygraph -- and if the polygraph says he's telling the truth -- there's a web site offering Newton a lot more money than his dad was asking for.



Trickle of NFL players head back to work ... sort of | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA
"It's very chaotic for the teams right now," Allen's agent, Drew Rosenhaus said. "It's not chaotic for the players. Our position is the lockout is over, free agency should begin, signings should begin, offseason workouts should begin, everything should be going on. The longer the NFL doesn't do that and drags this out, the more there are concerns of collusion and violations of antitrust laws."

League takes calculated risk in refusing to start 2011 league year | ProFootballTalk
The ruling from Judge Nelson leaves no room for doubt.  "The lockout is enjoined," she writes at the bottom of an 89-page ruling. But the league has opted not to treat the lockout as being truly enjoined (in English, "over") absent further guidance from Judge Nelson.

Dolphins continue to practice while in labor limbo | ProFootballTalk
"Tackle Jake Long, a team captain, held a few papers in his hand as he instructed players on the type of agility drills to run. Players got into single-file lines, following Long’s instructions as if he were a coach," Darlington wrote.

NFL opens doors for players, awaits further court rulings

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN

DeMaurice Smith blames NFL for allowing chaos to occur | ProFootballTalk
"I’m not the commissioner of the National Football League," Smith said. "He’s the commissioner of the league. And we’re in a world where the owners of the National Football League opted out of a contract that was fine. They went to the Supreme Court to try to stick it to the players and they lost. They tried to keep revenue sharing from happening in 2010 and they lost. A judge ruled that they gamed the TV contracts to lock the players out and they lost. And then they lock the players out and took football from our fans, and yesterday they lost."

NFL: "We need a few days to sort this out" | ProFootballTalk
While the NFL world waits for what comes next in this labor legal scrum, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the league will proceed "in an orderly way." Aiello released a statement to NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora on Tuesday morning: "We are going to proceed in an orderly way that is fair to the t...

Steve Smith cleaned out locker, suite in Carolina before lockout | ProFootballTalk
Smith has a luxury box as part of his contract, which contains pictures and momentos from his career. He had them all removed, which is a strong sign that Smith doesn’t plan to return to the team. Edholm also confirms Smith has requested trades in the past.

Players ask judge to force owners to start league year | ProFootballTalk
NFL players had until Wednesday morning to respond to the owner's request for a stay following Monday's court ruling, but the players didn't wait that long.

NFL Releases Statement on Judge Nelson's Ruling