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NFL Lockout: Judge Nelson Denies Stay, Confusion Ensues

Judge Susan Nelson has denied the NFL's request for a stay with a 20-page order on her earlier 89-page ruling this week. Albert Breer and Dan Kaplan tweeted the news first:

According to court documents, Judge Nelson has denied motion to stay her ruling upon appeal. Going through it now.    

Judge Nelson has denied the stay motion    

That means the case now moves to the 8th circuit to hear the NFL's appeal and second request for a stay. 

What does all of this mean as far as football and fans are concerned?

Nobody freakin' knows!

Check out all of these contradictory thoughts floating around the Twittersphere:

Jim Trotter

Free agency and trades can't occur until the league year begins. That's why we need the NFL to announce a date.    

Jason LaCanfora

One particular part of Judge Nelson's Opinion caught my eye: "Defendants are under no obligation to enter a new contract with any player."    

Adam Schefter

League will tell the teams to hold pending 8th Circuit Ruling on the stay, NFLPA's position is it can't. Going to be interesting.    

Andrew Brandt

Hate to dash hope for signings and trades right away, but don't think NFL opens for business until 8th Circuit says they have to.

Dan Kaplan

If NFL does not start free agency tomorrow, players counsel Quinn e-mailed me: "They could face contempt for being in blatant violation of a Court Order."

If I were you, an NFL fan, I would remain calm and keep expectations at a minimum.