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Fleur-de-Links: April 28, 2011

Make the jump for today's links and tweets. And check back later tonight after Mark Ingram becomes a Saint. :)


Tracy Porter
NFL Draft brings back memories....

Chris Mortensen
Trade Buzz: Oakland looking to get into the first round to get Colorado CB Jimmy Smith; Smith would help the process...

Jason La Canfora
Hearing more buzz about San Fran taking a good long look at Blaine Gabbert if they stay at 7 and he's there. I can't wait for this to start

Chris Mortensen
The odds of their being a shocker at the top of the draft? Almost zero percent. One source: "99.9%" it's Newton. Panthers still silent.

NFLPlayerNews Falcons | Looking to acquire top-seven pick

Our media "war room." Media members set to arrive soon. The is less than 4 hours away!

Thomas Morstead
Back in Dallas! Jerry LeVias golf tourney tomorrow, SMU spring practice on Saturday, and SPS golf fundraiser on Sunday... Should be a blast

Chris Mortensen
Trade Buzz: New England looking to trade with Dallas to get Cameron Jordan

Tracy Porter
Another day of two workouts...then might catch me a  somewhere for the weekend. Idk where tho...

New Orleans Saints
List of the 25 players that will be at Radio City Music Hall tonight for the NFL Draft Will the Saints draft 1 of them?

deuce mcallister
Will be speaking at Crescent Crown this evening and hanging out at the District

Adam Schefter
Bottom line: No free-agent signings during draft, no player trades during draft, only pick trades during draft. Free agency could start Mon.

Chris Mortensen
Both sides expect ruling on temp stay this afternoon from appellate court. Could that trigger trades, free agency, etc? Don't know.

Chris Mortensen
NFL will allow players to work out, meet with coaches, get playbooks, etc., as of Friday but no free agency, trades yet. Appeal pending.

Adam Schefter
NFL plans to announce timing for commencement of 2011 League Year, free agent signings and other player transactions tomorrow.


NFL declares victory in StarCaps case | ProFootballTalk
"The Minnesota Supreme Court has just issued this morning an order denying a review of the appeals court decision that went in favor of the league," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said today on PFT Live. "The result is the case is over and we, the NFL, prevailed in the case. So there is a court in Minnesota that rules in our favor from time to time." Presumably, that means Pat Williams, Kevin Williams and Will Smith will all be suspended for the first four games of the 2011 NFL season.

New Orleans Saints boast second-best track record in NFL draft, according to study |
Study credits GM Mickey Loomis steady hand

NFL draft: 10 best and worst of the New Orleans Saints -- No. 1 best pick |
Continuing series leading up to this year's NFL draft

Best bets for New Orleans Saints' first-round pick |
Team picks No. 24 in Thursday's NFL draft

Saints’ draft plan is to keep it simple | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA

In draft, Saints may address pass rush - New Orleans Saints -
The tumultuous NFL lockout and the legal labyrinth around it make for an interesting backdrop tonight as the New Orleans Saints ponder their first move in the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Day: The Most "Eh" Time of the Year

NFL Draft: Saints coach Payton reveals strong interest in Alabama's Mark Ingram
"We will take Mark Ingram … I mean Ryan Palmer.’’


The Shutdown Corner Mock: The Final Countdown, #17-32 - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
24. New Orleans Saints — Cameron Jordan, DE, California More than anything else, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams requires versatility from his defensive players. Few playcallers mix up their schemes more often and more effectively. Jordan may be the most underrated defensive player in this draft class — a top-10 talent on tape, he'd be an amazing fit in a Saints defense that alternates between 4-3 and 3-4 principles at a moment's notice.

Buffalo quarterback buzz picks up | ProFootballTalk
You don’t have to be an internet sleuth to figure out Coley believes the Bills will grab Christian Ponder, either by trading down or possibly trading back into the first round. With teams desperate to fill their quarterback needs, get ready for a day full of action.

Patriots have spoken with Browns about sixth pick | ProFootballTalk
Mike Holmgren of the Browns has made it clear he wants to deal.   At least one team is listening. We don't know how serious talks between the Patriots and Browns are, but Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe reports New England has talked with Cleveland regarding interest in the No.

Raiders want to get back into the first round | ProFootballTalk
The Oakland Raiders are the only team without a first-round pick in tonight's NFL draft. They're hoping to change that today. Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Raiders are trying to trade back into the first round today.

First draft pick of New Orleans Saints will be anybody's guess |
Anything can happen, especially when Bengals, Jerry Jones and Al Davis are involved

Stevan Ridley among ex-LSU players eagerly awaiting their fate in NFL draft |
Most are likely to go in lower rounds

NFL Draft Starts Thursday Night with First Round


Ryan Leaf looks back on the draft: I should have stayed in school | ProFootballTalk
"I was a very entitled, spoiled athlete at that time," Leaf said of the 21-year-old version of himself that was taken second overall in 1998. "You don’t want to say the money changes you, but it definitely does. I think getting drafted later would have been a benefit, to sit behind a veteran quarterback and learn. But I really think the best thing I should have done was to stay in school one more year. The next year I would have had a lot of scrutiny on me, and we would have struggled because we lost so many players from the year before. I would have learned to deal with a little failing, and then when that happened in the league I could have dealt with it in a more positive way."

NFL teams plan to open facilities Friday morning | ProFootballTalk
"We — just moments ago — notified our clubs that we think it’s appropriate under the circumstances to take additional steps in response to the injunction," Aiello said. "So the facilities will open tomorrow at 8 a.m. Eastern time. In the meantime, clubs are free immediately to start contacting players and let them know when the facilities will be open for use."

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Mike Triplett lists the likely targets for the Saints. I agree totally with Muhammad Wilkerson, Cameron Heyward, Adrian Clayborn, Phil Taylor, Mark Ingram and Gabe Carimi. But I’d scratch UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers off the list. I’ve gotten some indications one thing the Saints won’t do is take an outside linebacker in the first round. Yes, they have a need. But that’s a spot they think they can address later in the draft or via free agency.

NFLPA says league must get back to football | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA

Players show up to work out, Redskins turn them away | ProFootballTalk
Despite Judge Susan Nelson's order that the NFL should be conducting business as usual, teams are continuing to turn players away from their facilities today.

Cardinals, Dolphins turn players away, too | ProFootballTalk
Though the NFL has yet to announce whether the doors will be opened or closed while the 8th Circuit considers the league's motion to stay the order lifting the lockout pending appeal, at least three teams have turned players away.

Bucs linemen rescues three teens from Gulf of Mexico | ProFootballTalk
During one of the craziest, upside-down days in NFL history, it's nice to wrap our arms around a story of a good deed performed by one of the league's players. Robbyn Mitchell of the St.

Holmgren says the Browns are open for business | ProFootballTalk
There are a lot of teams in the top ten of the draft that want to trade down.  The question is whether anyone wants to trade up, or whether a player like Blaine Gabbert will simply slide down to a patient and quarterback-hungry team like Tennessee. Mike Holmgren of the Browns, picking at No.

All eyes on the 8th Circuit | ProFootballTalk
The United States system of federal courts are divided into circuits.  In all, there are 11 circuits (twelve if you include the fact that the District of Columbia has its own circuit). The Eighth Circuit, headquartered in St. Louis, consists of seven states -- including Minnesota.

NFL will advise teams how to proceed on Thursday | ProFootballTalk
The NFL has been very quiet in response to Judge Susan Nelson's ruling denying a stay of the order lifting the lockout pending appeal.  And for good reason.

Federal judge denies NFL's request to put ruling on hold |
League wanted lockout left in place