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NFL Draft Results: Reggie Bush Clearly Not Happy About Drafting of Mark Ingram

Apparently Reggie Bush can read the writing on the wall, and he's not too happy about it.

Following the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Saints running back Reggie Bush put out this tweet that says so little, yet say's so much:

It's been fun New Orleans.

I think it's safe to assume his reaction is in reference to the Saints drafting of Heisman-winning running back Mark Ingram. Like many Saints fans already on Twitter, my reaction is simply: woah!

Reggie may not be happy but he could probably handle it in a bit more classy manner. Here is some of the reaction on Twitter to Reggie's tweet:

Jeff Duncan

That last tweet from Reggie Bush will surely prompt a phone call from Sean Payton to his "other" Heisman Trophy winning running back.

Jermon Bushrod

Wth you talkin bout

Charles Grant

Hold ya head just know it's a biz u r a great player u will still be a saint