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NFL Draft 2011: Cameron Jordan Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website

Can you talk about being selected by the Saints?
"I'm just happy to be selected period. I was getting a little bit worried. I'm doing well."

You came in and met with the coaching staff a couple weeks ago. How did you feel about that and do you think that solidified your status with the club?
"For sure. We had such a great talk. It was like "Cam we feel like you're not going to be here so we're not going to have to worry about you, so the moment I popped in to 24, he (Gregg Williams) shot me a text saying we're about to call you."

How do you feel like you are going to fit in with a 4-3 base defense in New Orleans?
"I think I'm going to fit in fine. I adapt well. I get along with everybody. Everybody gets along with me and I'm going to try to fit in well."

Are you surprised you fell this far?
"I don't know if I was surprised. It was definitely eye-opening seeing how the draft works firsthand. You always have some crazy things that happen. I don't pay too much attention to mocks anyway, so I'm just happy I'm here."

Right after you were selected the Saints made a bold move to get Mark Ingram. What did you think of that?
"Two first rounders, that's impressive in itself. Now you have a defensive end and a running back. That's impressive in itself. Let's get it going."

What do you know about Gregg Williams and why do you think that's going to help your career?
"I know in the past they've been able to pin the ears back and get after the quarterback. As a defensive end what more can you ask for?