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Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, April 3

Today's edition of Fleur-de-Links features an in-depth look at Tulane's Gabe Feldman (NFL Labor expert) by James Varney, a re-examination of the 2006 draft by Jeff Duncan, and Mike Triplett's analysis of the free agent situation in light of a possible ruling on Wednesday.

You also have tweets galore (with some more NFL scouting terminology), a recap of the latest Voodoo game, an NFL Lockout player arrest report, and some humorous possible 2011 Draft events for players who choose to attend.

Make the jump to enjoy them!


JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma There's sumthin abt a flashing neon red "hot yoga" sign that doesn't look right...i feel like its yoga for swingers only
iWillSmith Will Smith Ain't looking good for VCU, they missed way to many lay ups an easy baskets.
jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Yo @j_bushrod7475 it looks like your team from Va bout to take a L. So I got a quick question for you.
robyslyfe Courtney Roby #BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HeathEvans Heath Evans My families prayers are going out for Jason Avant & his family after the loss of his father on Thursday.
HeathEvans Heath Evans How come every time I upgrade my twitter app something changes?! Now I can't copy other peoples tweets! Last time no more tweet-longer! SMH
ZachStrief Zach Strief How bout those Reds... I thought the Brewers were supposed to be good this year
HeathEvans Heath Evans #SADBUTTRUE This is the first college basketball game I've watched all season! 2 busy playing dolls & jumping on the trampoline!
HeathEvans Heath Evans "@ChristineDBeebe: @HeathEvans Twitter moved the "quote tweet" to be under "retweet" options. Had the same prob." Thx for the help!!
jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Lol RT @EricStangel#FinalFour Caption Contest. Send in your best...
ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Not a bad way to spend all day on a Saturday.
HeathEvans Heath Evans "@LMAOTwitpics: Someone's Gonna Be Mad..." Can't wait to steal the idea & use it next season on the Offensive Line!
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Ship it #UCONN #UCONN #UCONN! Holllller!
alexbrown96 Alex James Brown Really??? #sopissed
alexbrown96 Alex James Brown But moments like this made it all better..
HeathEvans Heath Evans Long day for Naomi & Oscar!
MalcolmJenkins Malcolm Jenkins I just got mistaken for Charles Woodson lol#thereisafirsttimeforeverything
ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr Source Code, was pretty dang good!
alexbrown96 Alex James Brown @ @jgoody76 that's 2 buckets in the middle of our cabin on the cruise (Carnival) because we have 2 leaks in the ceiling.. Smh
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Shout out to the people feelin 10%. Sorry about your luck. PAEOI Kentucky as well. Uconn ship it!
gregcosell Greg Cosell  by caplannflMissouri Smith more natural pass rusher than Bowers. Quick + violent hands, short area explosion. Closing speed a concern. Must play lower.
gregcosell Greg Cosell  by caplannflStanzi intriguing as mid round pick. Ran NFL offense. Good feel for straight drop + play action. Read coverage. Arm strength limitations.
gregcosell Greg Cosell  by caplannflBiggest concern with Smith as he transitions is pad level + leverage. Tendency to play high and upright. Always a problem. Negates ability.



NFL's loss in ruling could be New Orleans Saints' gain in free agency |
Mike Triplett - Playing under 2010 rules would benefit team.

New Orleans Saints' 2011 free agents |
Mike Triplett - List comprised of 29 players on roster.

Highly touted 2006 NFL draft class wasn't all it was built up to be |
Jeff Duncan - New Orleans Saints trawled talent bed as well as anyone.

Five years later, NFL draft would look a little different |
Jeff Duncan - Who each team should've picked in 2006. (HansDat note: Duncan has Devin Hester selected twice: once by the Raiders at #7, and again by the Jags at #28. Oops.) 


Lockout/Decertification Blues

Tulane's Gabe Feldman an unlikely voice in NFL labor dispute |
James Varney - Sports law professor one of most consulted experts in matter. Tulane - Roll Wave! C-USA! C-USA! C-USA!

David Stern vs. Roger Goodell |
Tommy Craggs - The N.B.A. and the N.F.L. are both settling in for protracted labor disputes. Which league’s commissioner is more terrifying to face across a negotiating table?

Players don’t give a damn about guys who laid the foundation | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - Former Eagles quarterback and current Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski says that he tends to side with the players in the ongoing labor dispute. He just wishes the players would give a little more thought to the guys who came before them.


The 2011 Draft

As Busy an N.F.L. Draft As One Can Possibly Imagine - Fifth Down Blog |
Mike Tanner - The N.F.L. draft later this month puts incoming rookies in a delicate position during the current lockout, but does offer some interesting possibilities. (HansDat note: if this was a CSC original piece, it would be filed under Satire.)



NFL police blotter business is not booming | FOX Sports on MSN
John Czarnecki - Out of 1,900 players, the law of averages suggests there will be a few knuckleheads. But six arrests in a month isnt a huge number during the NFL lockout.

VooDoo Struggle, Fall To Force On Saturday |
Eduardo Gonzalez