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NFL Draft 2011 Results: Saturday Morning Fleur-de-Links

Are Scott Shanle's days numbered because of our Combine Warrior? (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Are Scott Shanle's days numbered because of our Combine Warrior? (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Here we sit on the final day of the 2011 NFL Draft with results galore. Rounds 1-3 are in the books, and the New Orleans Saints followed up their epic first round on Thursday with a lull in the 2nd round (no picks, no trading up), and then addressed the OLB position and the secondary/special teams with their two selections in the 3rd round.

Make the jump to access a slew of  links, videos, and transcripts from Round 3's action as well as continuing coverage of the 1st round (Ingramania!!!) and the Bush Brouhaha.

Be here later for our final open thread of the 2011 NFL Draft, opening at 11am CT. 

Third Round Recap

New Orleans Saints select linebacker Martez Wilson in third round |
Staff report - He was second fastest linebacker at NFL Combine.

New Orleans Saints' Martez Wilson expects to start out as strongside linebacker |
Mike Triplett - 'I'm gonna prove why I deserved to be drafted higher'

Saints Select LB Martez Wilson in the Third Round |
Staff Report

New Orleans Saints select Louisville cornerback Johnny Patrick in third round |
Mike Triplett - First-team All-Big East selection expected to boost special teams.

Saints Pick Patrick in the Third Round |
Staff Report

GETTING DEFENSIVE: Saints draft linebacker, cornerback in third round
JIm Mashek - Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson visited with members of the New Orleans Saints; coaching staff and front office earlier this spring as the NFL Draft approached.

Saints go defense on Day 2 of NFL Draft |
Bradley Handwerger - The Saints entered the 2011 NFL Draft looking for help along the defensive front. By 8:30 p.m. on the second day, New Orleans had addressed its most pressing needs and more.

Saints go for defense on Day 2 |
Les East - The New Orleans Saints focused on defense on the second day of the NFL draft on Friday, using third-round picks to select linebacker Martez Wilson of Illinois and cornerback Johnny Patrick of Louisville.

New Orleans Saints address defense in third round |
Mike Triplett - Team adds Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson, Louisville linebacker Johnny Patrick.

Wrapping up NFC South third round |
Pat Y. -- The third round has ended, so let's take a quick look at what each of the three NFC South teams did in this round. 


First Round Follow-Up

Transcript from Coach Payton's ESPN Interview |
On Friday night, Payton discusses the team's first round selections, running backs, NFC South and Reggie Bush's future.

Mark Ingram Q&A |
Before boarding a plane to leave the Big Apple where he was chosen by the New Orleans Saints with the 28th pick in the NFL Draft, RB Mark Ingram took the time out to talk to New

Q&A with Cameron Jordan | talks with the Saints first selection of the 2011 draft.

Saints made the right move in trading for Ingram |
Jim Mashek - Mickey Loomis uttered the key phrase shortly after the New Orleans Saints made the move that brought Alabama's only Heisman Trophy winner to Poydras Street.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram shares a special bond with his father |
Nakia Hogan - He says dad has always been there for him, gives guidance from prison.


Bush Brouhaha

Saints' Payton tries to allay Bush's fears of diminished role |
Bradley Handwerger - Saints coach Sean Payton had precious little time to contact one Heisman Trophy-winning running back about another Heisman Trophy-winning running back.

Reggie Bush: Time is running out for Saints running back in New Orleans after Mark Ingram pick |
Brian Allee-Walsh - I suspect New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton spent part of Friday putting out a BUSH-fire in light of the team’s stunning first-round selection of Alabama running back Mark Ingram.

Plethora of RBs | 
Les East - Ingram joins crowded Saints backfield.

New Orleans Saints say they won't send Reggie Bush packing |
Mike Triplett - Ultimately, money will do the talking.

Reggie Bush's future with New Orleans Saints is in his hands |
Jeff Duncan - Mark Ingram isn't a threat to Bush's touches.

Reggie Bush still in the plans, New Orleans Saints' Sean Payton says |
Staff report - Coach, running back spoke Friday morning.



New Orleans hopping sports town |
Scott Hotard - How many cities could claim to have a PGA Tour event, an NBA playoff game and an NFL draft to follow in the space of 24 hours?

Risk could be worthwhile with Bowers |
Pat Y. - We've all heard of the law of diminishing returns. Well, I think we just saw an example of the law of diminishing risk.

Four LSU Tigers picked in third round of NFL draft |
Jim Kleinpeter - LB Kelvin Sheppard, RB Stevan Ridley, DT Drake Nevis, OT Joseph Barksdale get second-day calls.


Labor Pains

Lockout to resume after appeals court grants stay of ruling |
Albert Breer breaks down the ruiling from late Friday.

Court grants temporary stay; NFL lockout resumes |
Sports Network - The NFL lockout is back on, for now, after the league's motion for a temporary stay of the order lifting the lockout was granted Friday by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

8th Circuit Court of Appeals grants injunction stay pending hearing: NFL lockout back on for now |
James Varney - Decision on antitrust lawsuit could come next week.

Trickle of Saints players visit team headquarters |
Associated Press - Several New Orleans Saints players including starting free safety Malcolm Jenkins took advantage of their first opportunity to use team facilities since a federal judge ordered an end to the NFL lockout this week.



New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Friday, April 29, 2011

Can you talk about Johnny Patrick?
"He's a guy that we feel has very good feet and athleticism. We feel like he'll contribute in the kicking game. It's kind of like that position like running back where you never feel like you can have enough at that position, so his grade for us at this selection was the highest. Again, after we selected Martez (Wilson), there was a clump of players and then you just kind of wait. We do think he has versatility. He's someone that can certainly provide depth right away in the kicking game."

Didn't he have an off-the-field problem?
"Yes, we spent some time with it, researched it like we always do. You have to pay attention to your area scouts and the reports."

Is this about where you thought he'd go in the draft?
"It's a good question. A guy like this, you really don't have a great grasp, because he didn't have the playing time when you look at his history. You see the athleticism, size, stature and so there are a lot of traits we like. It's hard to predict a player like that, especially a junior. He was more of a question in regards to when. I don't know that we expected him to be there with the pick in the third round. His stack was higher when we got there. To answer your question, had he been taken earlier we wouldn't have been surprised about this because of some of his limited playing time."

Do you think injuries scared people away from Martez Wilson?
"He's an outside backer, a Sam linebacker for us. That's the vision for the player. He's played inside a lot, but our vision for him is at the Sam linebacker position."

He said he didn't cover tight ends a lot. Is that something he'll have to learn here?
"Yes, I think you develop them right away, that skill set and the things we're going to ask from him at that position."

Does his ranginess remind you of Scott Fujita?
"Yes. There are basically some similarities in the stature. I think that when we watched him on film, you saw someone who was long, who could run and so there's a little bit of a projection because of the position he's going to play, but there's some traits and some size and measurable that put him at that position for us, but he is a guy that was productive this last year, disruptive and we're excited to have him, especially in this round."

Can he rush the passer?
"We'd like to think that he can. There are snaps where you see him do that. He has good edge speed as a Sam linebacker. There are going to be times we ask him to pressure. He is long and those are things that I think lead you to believe he's going to do that."

Did you think about moving in the draft today?
"No, I think for the most part we were prepared to sit and make the selections."

Would you try to trade up tomorrow?
"We'll see. Each day you go in, you get prepared. I think initially we'll be patient. We know we have two seventh round selections. We have to go from there."

You can only trade your non-compensatory pick?
"Yes. The other one is locked."

Would you use a future pick as ammunition?
"We would see. You would only do that for a targeted player. It would be something that developed as the draft went on. It would be hard to say that after only the third round being finished."

You had a window of opportunity today to get a playbook to Mark Ingram or Cameron Jordan?
"I'm not going to comment on what we've given any of these guys. Certainly there was a window. We'll wait and proceed forward following the league rules."

As far as you know are there no undrafted free agent acquisitions after the draft?
"Not that we're aware of."

Did Da'Quan Bowers get clearance from you guys?
"It was certainly a medical issue as you really grade the player. He was an exceptional, productive player. I think someone like that who has played as well as he has clearly for a number of teams it was a medical issue. He's a fantastic player. It's tough to see him in your own division."

Earlier on ESPN you said you envisioned Reggie Bush being a Saint?
"Yes, I was asked that same question. Absolutely.'"

Can you discuss the meeting?
"It was just reinforcing the vision I had. Just like I said, he's someone that we definitely have a vision for as we go forward. He and I had a good visit this morning."

You've made it clear how you feel about him. Did he express to you that he still wants to be a part of this team?
"We had a good visit this morning. We talked about a number of things. More than anything else, all of those players as competitive as they are want to see their role. The point I made with him this morning and I made earlier was certainly there was a vision we have and used for him. There are some different players and different styles."

Did you talk to Ron Zook about Martez Wilson and do you know Zook well?
"No. I don't. I've met Ron, but I would say more than anything else Greg McMahon has a background at Illinois. I think more than anything we spent a lot of time evaluating the player and bringing him in here on a visit and really trying to have a vision for the Sam linebacker and who are the candidates to play that position. There were a few that had graded. The UCLA linebacker has some of the characteristics when you look at his length. Martez was one of those players. It was really trying to pay attention to the skill set more than knowing coach Zook specifically. They spoke very highly of this player. We spoke to him on the phone and he was extremely excited and like all these guys today, relieved."

How much did your decision to take Wilson base on Scott Shanle being a free agent and Jonathan Casillascoming back from an injury that caused him to miss the season?
"Just overall at linebacker, it was a position that we felt if possible we could address in the draft. I think overall, more than anything, this is an area where we felt like the linebacker position was going to come off the board a little later in the draft."

Do you see him being able to help you on special teams as well?
"You'd like to think so with your young linebackers. That will be important for him."

Did you have Johnny Patrick visit here?

Is playing special team his specialty?
"He has real good short area quickness, change of direction. Those I think are some valuable assets in terms of being successful in special teams. He's done some things at Louisville. A lot of times what happens is these players play themselves into a starting position when you see their special teams snaps diminish. When we're talking about both Martez and Johnny Patrick, both young players, you'd like to think they'll be able to contribute in the kicking game."

Were you thinking about Kelvin Shepard?

Was cornerback a need you saw coming into this draft?
"Not necessarily, yet it was a position that we knew in the middle rounds here there were a few of those players after you got past those early three corners, there would be a gap and another group. We saw an offensive tackle go off the board at Central Florida. We saw a linebacker out of Washington. There were a handful of players that appeared on that line for us with Johnny Patrick. With Martez, his magnet was higher and it was just harder to predict where we felt he would go. Fortunately we were able to get him with the first pick in the third round."

Is there anything to three of your first four picks being defenders?
"I think we went in wanting to help that side of the ball. I think it started with the first round. Fortunately for us today we were able to continue that."

New Orleans Saints LB Martez Wilson
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Friday, April 29, 2011

Q: You chatted with the Saints during the Combine, and I'm pretty sure you knew they were looking for a linebacker. How familiar are you with the Saints and just looking forward to getting down here?

A: I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait. This is a blessing to be picked. It's fate. From this day forward, I'm just going to continue to work, work and work. I'm going to work hard and show that I deserve to be picked.

Q: You sustained a neck injury in 2009 and were able to bounce back in 2010. How are you health wise and how is that maybe an issue, maybe you feel like with other teams and you being picked in the third round?

A: It's a possibility, yes, I say that could be the issue but I don't feel any symptoms at all. I'm healthy. The doctors said I could continue to play football. I see some other players in the league to this day that have had the same surgery. If I keep taking care of myself health-wise, make sure my neck is fine, the strength in my neck continues to where it's at, then I'll be all right. I know I will.

Q: In college you played inside linebacker and obviously Jonathan Vilma is here. Are you looking to come to the Saints and compete for maybe one of those outside linebacker spots?

A: Oh yeah. I'm coming to compete. I'm coming to play. I'm a competitor. That's what I do. That's why I love this sport.

Q: What position do you think they will put you at here?

A: Probably strong-side linebacker; maybe over the tight end, starting off there. Learn that position and start off there. The more I learn, the more they'll put on the plate for me.

Q: Have you a lot of experience covering tight ends?

A: It's not, but I'm a fast learner. I'm an athlete. Coach showed me some private technique on how he wants me to do it and the proper way. I feel like I'll be all right. I know I will.

Q: How much did you see interest in the Saints? You visited with them in the Combine, but how much interest did you feel like the Saints had in you going into this draft?

A: I feel like Coach (Joe) Vitt had a lot of interest in me. I sat in the film room for about two and a half hours. We just talked football. He was just telling me and testing me on how well I know football and I was able to show him that I do know the game of football. I just felt the love from everybody. We just walked around and welcomed me and I liked it.

Q: Did you come here to the Saints facility or was that just in Indianapolis?

A: No, actually, I did come and visit the facility.

Q: I think I saw some projections of you going in the first round, early second rounder. Is that what you thought or you thought you would go at this stage of the Draft?

A: I would say first or second round, too. I was expecting that but I mean I went in the third round. I'm happy. I'm going to make the best of it and why I deserve to be picked.

Q: The Saints use a lot of different packages and use players different ways. Were you strictly inside in the 3-4 in college or did you move around at all?

A: I actually moved around a lot this season. I played inside, sometimes I'll be on the slot receiver, and on third down I'd be the rush guy. In times I would even be lined up with the guard in some packages.

Q: Do you know Pierre Thomas?

A: Yes I know Pierre .

Q: Do you plan to get information from him soon about the Saints?

A: Definitely. He's a former Illini player. That's the thing about being teammates with a former Illini player; he'll show me the ropes and things like that. I get to move down to New Orleans. I can't wait.

Q: When you talked to Saints coaches, what did they say that made them interested in you? I know you mentioned you played rush end and stuff and they are looking to bolter their pass rush. Did you talk about that at all?

A: Coach was primarily talking about outside linebackers. Just showing me how he wants to help me improve on some of my technique, things like that, how well he's going to coach me. For those things, I got a feel that those coaches like me. I was just going off to the Draft. I was just waiting for Draft day.

Q: Which coach called you tonight?

A: Joe Vitt.


New Orleans Saints CB Johnny Patrick
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Friday, April 29, 2011

(On his special teams experience)
"I have a lot of special teams experience. I have been playing special teams ever since I have been at Louisville, since my freshman year. I was on special teams even as a starter. I play a lot of special teams."

(On his playing attitude)
"You've got to be arrogant. You have got to be confident. You have to be a shutdown corner at corner. Everything that happened in the past, if you don't like a play, you go to the next. I feel good about that."

(On being surprised about being drafted by the Saints)
"I wasn't that surprised. I had a good relationship with one of the scouts that is with the Saints. I am just excited to be a Saint. A playoff team, a great organization. I am so glad they gave me a chance. I am just ready to get there and play some football."

(On Gregg Williams)
"(I don't know) too much about him. I know that the Saints are a great organization. The only thing I can think about right now is that I am excited to be a Saint."

(On his past arrest and clearing up character questions)
"I had an arrest last year. It was something that I put myself in a situation and I had to get myself out of it. I tried to do the best thing by calling the police to get myself out of that situation. It didn't go my way and it was just a lesson learned. It was something that I will never fall back on again in my life. It was a situation I didn't see myself getting in to. I guarantee it won't happen again."

(On being the MVP of the Bowl game Louisville played in)
"It was a big honor. For my team after three years without even going to a bowl game. (I was) just trying to take that leadership role with the team to get the young guys to get a tradition to start now. To be the MVP of the Beef O'Brady's Bowl was a big honor for me. I felt great about it and I gave my respect to the guys that give out that (award)."

(On interviewing with the Saints before the draft)
"I interviewed with the Saints at the combine. It was a good meeting. I felt good about it. I had a good relationship with the scout. I cant honestly remember his name because I met so many different teams at the scouting combine, a lot of things were going on. I had a good interview with the scout for the Saints. I felt good about that meeting."

(On questions that the scout asked)
"A lot of questions about my character issues. I wanted to address that because I am not that kind of person in character. I am glad that the Saints gave me the opportunity to prove that. I am glad that they picked me today. I am very excited."

(On other teams that he interviewed with)
"I interviewed with a lot of teams. The Dallas Cowboys, the Cleveland Browns, the (New England) Patriots, and Oakland (Raiders) showed a lot of interest. Atlanta (Falcons). There were a few teams. I was shocked to see that they passed on me. I knew the Saints were up there and I knew the Saints had a lot of interest in me. I am excited to be a New Orleans Saint. I can't wait to get there."

(On his role with the team)
"They haven't talked about it. (There might) be a situation in which I might be a nickel back or a special teams player. I'm going to do anything I can. If they need me to play offensive tackle, I will play offensive tackle. I don't care."


V-Roll Roll Call