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2011 NFL Draft Results: New Orleans Saints Select Greg Romeus

With the 226th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the team's first in the 7th round, your New Orleans Saints have chosen the intriguing Greg Romeus, a defensive end out of Pittsburgh.

What makes him intriguing? Well, he didn't play for much of his senior year because of injury, although he was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year in 2009.

According to

Romeus missed nearly his entire senior year dealing with back and knee injuries, but he has excellent size and the athleticism to contribute at the next level. He is a powerful rusher with good speed that will be even more effective once he adds more counter moves to his repertoire. He is very strong and difficult to move in the running game and shows the agility to make tackles from the backside. He lacks the fluidity to make plays in space, but he has a very high ceiling and should be a middle round pick in spite of his injury concerns.

Seems to me this guy can be eased along and has a high ceiling. He's going to the Hall of Fame!!!

Here he is by the numbers:

* Height: 6'5"
* Weight: 264 lbs.
* Arm Length: 35 in.
* Hand Size: 10 7/8 in.
* College: Pittsburgh
* Conference: Big East

So, what do you think of this pick? More drafting genius from Payloo, or WTF?