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Mel Kiper Assesses Saints Draft Backup Plan

Yesterday, mock draft guru Mel Kiper wrote an article discussing each NFL teams draft backup plan in the event that their top choice is off the board when their turn to select rolls around. 

Kiper acknowledges that the Saints will probably be looking to improve their pass rush first and foremost, specifically by drafting a defensive end. But I was a little surprised when I read what position and which player Kiper thinks would make a good Plan B for the team. 

24. New Orleans Saints
The Saints need a defensive end, and they should have a few options as the second tier of talent at that position resides here. Houston has been mentioned here. But they could also use talent on the offensive line, and could target what the Eagles and Colts leave behind, or reach a little on a guy like Derek Sherrod.    

Not sure I agree with that. Seems there is plenty of defensive talent in this years draft to go in a different direction while staying on the defensive side of the ball should the player the Saints really want be unavailable. Of course you can never have too many quality offensive tackles to keep your franchise quarterback safe, but let's not forget about OT Charles Brown whom the Saints took in the 2nd round of last years draft and has yet to prove himself. 

If an offensive lineman like Derek Sherrod was the highest graded player on their draft board when the Saints were set to pick at No. 24 overall, would they really pull the trigger?