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Drew Brees Advances to Round Three in Madden Cover Vote

In a Round 2 battle of the quarterbacks, Brees won in a 61%-39% landslide over Jets QB Mark Sanchez. It's now down to the final eight as Sir Breesus next goes up against Vikings RB Adrian Peterson. Sadly, Falcons fans can rejoice now that Matt Ryan came up 2% short of edging out Browns RB Peyton Hillis in Round 2. I was hoping he'd advance a little farther just for the joy of watching Falcons fans sweat a little.

This offseason has been too quiet between us and our friendly rivals over at the Falcoholic. Not sure what Dave "The Falconer" Choate has been up to, but I'm sure it has involved plotting against the Saints in some sinister way. That's him in the picture to the left disrespectfully holding out a Falcons helmet to Drew Brees at the Pro Bowl. Does he have no shame!?

You can place your Round 3 votes here.

So far, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been winning his matchups very easily. I still think he'll wind up on the cover, so all of you curse-believing Drew Brees fans should have little to worry about. My guess is the final vote will pit Rodgers vs. Michael Vick.