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Fleur-de-Links: April 5, 2011


Reggie Bush
Are you on any drugs right now? "Of course I'm on a drug right now, it's called Charlie Sheen!" LMAO! -Charlie Sheen

Reggie Bush
Something about drinking a Starbucks in the morning makes you feel like an adult! Lol! Either that or I'm just getting old!
Lance Moore
People watching in the airport is always entertaining tho. Seen some preety interesting things already lol

Jeff Duncan
Alabama RB Mark Ingram scheduled to visit :

jonathan goodwin
Just got done with a tough workout. on deck

Lance Moore
Wishing there were direct flight from columbus to new orleans right about now. Layovers r not fun. And don't tell ...

Adam Schefter
Here is’s Power Rankings for NFL head coaches. Who's your top HC?

NFL Films
by JasonLaCanfora
Steve Sabol's advice to young filmmakers: "Get a good opening and a good ending, and get them as close together as possible."

Leigh Torrence Jr
Bed Bath & Beyond is doing an excellent job showing me all the things that I never knew I needed in my house! 'msold

Jeff Duncan
Lol. He's up there. RT @: Jonathan Sullivan #1 ? RT @: series on the 10 best/worst draft picks n Saints history.

Always welcome! RT @ I wanna live in New Orleans and support my team @

deuce mcallister
@ @ The Big SA don't really workout its all cosmetics for him and @ they will hit bys & tris. & abs. Done

Jermon Bushrod
lol "@: Some chicks just stay away from weave. You know its a problem when you get ugglier with longer hair"

Peter Griffin
This dog, is dog, a dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog. Now reread without the dog.

New Orleans Saints
Video of the Day: Greer's first interception of the 2010 season!

New Orleans Saints
3,885 fans voted in our Facebook "Do you believe in the Madden Curse?" Poll. 78% said they do not believe in the curse!


Sam Huff takes more shots at Drew Brees - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Even in a lockout, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is still taking hits. This time it’s from Hall of Fame linebacker Sam Huff.

Sam Huff fires another salvo at Drew Brees | ProFootballTalk
Pro Football Hall of Famer Sam Huff has ripped Saints quarterback Drew Brees once again, this time penning a brief essay in which he writes that "Drew Brees is just trying to get to where I have been.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram is scheduled to visit New Orleans Saints on Wednesday |
NFL teams are allowed up to 30 visits with non-local draft prospects, and oftentimes they intentionally avoid meeting with some of their most coveted players to throw other teams off the scent.

NFL draft: 10 best and worst of New Orleans Saints -- No. 9 worst |
Series on draft picks leading up to this year's draft

Ten Years of Selection History

Payton, Smith in coach Power Rankings - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Power Rankings on head coaches are out and the NFC South has two representatives in this top-10 list. SmithOur panel ranked New Orleans&

NFL Charities Awards $1 Million to Players Foundations



2011 NFL Mock Draft: Packing In Surprises As April Begins -
24. New Orleans Saints: Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois. It seems fairly obvious at this point that the Saints are looking to upgrade at defensive tackle, both alongside Sedrick Ellis and their overall depth. Choosing between Liuget and Muhammad Wilkerson is an interesting proposition; in the end, Liuget is simply a better prospect. 2011 NFL Draft - Pro Day Results



Tampa Bay Super Bowl bid looking better - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Here’s some more good news for Tampa Bay’s expected bid for the 2015 Super Bowl, which likely will be voted on this fall.