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NFL LABOR UPDATE: Injunction Junction, What's Your Function?

Today is the day NFL fans have been waiting for since March 14th, when today's antitrust hearing was first scheduled. Judge Susan Nelson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota will hear a motion for a preliminary injunction brought by the plaintiffs in Tom Brady et al. v. NFL in St.Paul. 

On one side will be the NFL's lawyers:

Leading the NFL group: league lawyers David Boies, Bob Batterman and Gregg Levy, and management council lawyers Ed Tighe and Dennis Curran.    

On the other side, the NFLPA's team:

Leading the NFLPA group: Executive director DeMaurice Smith, general counsel Richard Berthelsen and outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler.

Not in attendance, however, will be many key figures of this whole mess including our very own Drew Brees and others:

Filed to NFL Network/ Roger Goodell, Jeff Pash, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning among those not expected to be in court tomorrow.    

Humorously, both the NFL and NFLPA representatives have been staying at the same hotel:

So, we're apparently staying at the same hotel as the NFL. #AWKWARD

The action starts at 9:30 CT. The players will start things off followed by the NFL. The whole thing is expected to take only a couple of hours. 

But temper your excitement because it's highly unlikely that Judge Nelson will make a ruling today from the bench. Chances are greater that her decision will come sometime next week.  

When she does finally hand down her ruling she will either side with players and allow football to resume, side with the league and allow the lockout to continue or decide to wait until the National Labor Relations Board rules on an unfair labor practice charge against the former NFLPA. Of course the losing side will most likely file an appeal.

Obviously a ruling in favor of the players is what NFL fans want to see so we can get back to football as we know it. But as Albert Breer of the NFL Network points out, that might not be so great for the long-term business of football. 

Consider this thread open for all legal/lockout discussion today. Party up in here!

And just in case all of this isn't enough info for you, here are two other FAQ-type articles to give you a little more background, one from Sports Illustrated and the other from the Associated Press