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How Closely Tied Are the Saints' and Dolphins' First Round Draft Plans?

So, I came across this NFL Gridiron Gab post today and found it interesting. With the news that Mark Ingram was visiting the Saints, the writer wonders if the Dolphins' selection at no. 15 will dictate what the Saints do at no. 24. He believes the teams picking between there will be looking to fill other needs and won't be interested in Ingram.

Some mock drafts have Mark Ingram being selected in the 2nd round.  Imagine a talent like Ingram being bypassed by all 32 NFL teams?  Some, even passing up the ‘Bama back twice?  Shocking, to say the least.  If Miami doesn’t take Ingram with its first pick, could he drop to New Orleans at 24?  Not beyond any realm of the imagination, seeing the clubs ahead of the Saints are focusing on addressing more pressing needs outside the running back position.

Either way you look at it, the Dolphins stand in the way of the Saints offensive plans, and possibly their overall game plan.  With Ingram, the Saints could bolster the run game and go to a more conventional approach when they have the ball.  It would be a change that would benefit the offensive line, Drew Brees, and of course, the defense.  You may counter this method with the Packers won the Super Bowl without much of a run game, but let’s keep in mind their defense was loaded with playmakers.  It’s not to say the Saints should draft Ingram because they can’t go far with Brees slinging the pigskin 35 times a game, as it’s more of a damage control pick, where you could spare the defense if you upgrade the run game.  As for the defense, it has some holes but is not as bad as it showed itself against Seattle.

Not sure who this guy is and how knowledgeable his insight might be, but this article will now make me pay close attention to Miami when they pick at no. 15. If Ingram is still there then (a big if) and they pass on him, I'll probably get swept up in Ingramania and hope he falls to us. With Pierre Thomas resigned, I still think DE is a bigger need, but the thought of Ingram as part of a possible four-headed backfield monster with Thomas, Bush, and Ivory is too cool to pass up. With the numerous RB injuries we had last year, Coach Payton may feel the same way.