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Fleur-de-Links - April 7th: Meachem Recovering From February Ankle Surgery

The Meach expects to inhabit the turf by July. He says his ankle should be healed and ready to go by then.

Asked how much his ankle bothered him last season, Meachem laughed and said, "Pretty much every game. But that’s the deal we go through. After the third week, I don’t think anybody in the NFL is healthy. But if training camp starts on time, I’ll be ready."

In the ongoing lockout saga, players today publicly accepted the invitation/suggestion from Judge Susan Nelson to submit to mediation under the supervision of the federal court in Minnesota. Of course, the owners want to do something different. They want to resume collective bargaining with Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service director George Cohen. It's come to the point where I don't think these two sides can agree on anything.


deuce mcallister
Its Official. The Cathh 22 foundation will be hosting a football camp at Humphrey Cty High School on Apr 23

Jason La Canfora
NFLPA sends letter to NFL proposing "settlement" talks in Minn to resolve the Brady v. NFL case. We'll see if they can get together ...

Jermon Bushrod
Lmao RT @: You ever catch a quick side view of yaself in the mirror and realize just how big ur f***in head is??

Jason La Canfora
NFL sends letter to NFLPA, proposing mediation in DC with "protection" for players that those talks would not compromise Brady v. NFL...

Adam Schefter
Here's a thought RT @ NFL wants mediation in DC. NFLPA wants mediation in MN. Meet in middle - Steak and Shake in Indianapolis

Adam Schefter
NFL is offering to indemnify NFLPA legally, which it believes is a good faith effort to try to get the sides together for a deal.

Lance Moore
Its hot down here in the NO and I love it lol

Peter Griffin

Jermon Bushrod
Its a start RT @: Players are sending a letter to the NFL today asking to begin federal mediation in (cont)

Adam Schefter
NFL already sent NFLPA request a today to go back to federal mediator George Cohen.

Chase Daniel
Eating at Rockfish, then onto a massage/ART session. Get to watch my boy Luna out in Frisco tonight for the Cardinals! Pumped.

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Robert Meachem had offseason surgery

Lance Moore
Hope everyone is having a great day. Wanna send my thoughts n prayers out to those affected by the earthquakes in ...

by AdamSchefter
Ben Roethlisberger discusses engagement, wedding -

Malcolm Jenkins
Gotta feel blessed when u see whats happening to Japan

Adam Schefter
Courtroom football does funny things to a man. Hard to keep reading the name Judge Nelson and not think Judd Nelson.

Follow Mike! RT @ Hey guys! Thanks for following me! make sure you check out the site today at!

New Orleans Saints
Video of the Day: Ivory's 55-yard TD vs. the Bengals!

Jeff Duncan
Never good. RT @: Fire in French Quarter

Zach Strief
Seriously sometimes these trains are out of control. 35 minutes of sitting is a little extreme.

Adam Schefter
Read into it what you want, but Auburn QB Cam Newton is scheduled to meet with the Titans today.


New Orleans Saints receiver Robert Meachem had ankle surgery, expects to be healthy for training camp |
Meachem told The Sporting News that ankle bothered him throughout 2010 season

Robert Meachem recovering from ankle surgery | ProFootballTalk
Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem only caught one fewer pass in 2010 than he did in '09, but his big plays dropped dramatically. We now know part of the reason why.   Meachem underwent post-season ankle surgery, according to Clifton Brown of the Sporting News.

On Deck in 2011: The New Orleans Saints looks at a powerful Saints team that has three playoff berths and one Super Bowl title in the last five years

NFL Draft: 10 best and worst of New Orleans Saints -- No. 8 worst |
Continuing a series leading up to this year's draft



Draft Watch: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Each Thursday leading up to the NFL draft (April 28-30), the NFL blog network will take a division-by-division look at key aspects of the dra



Vick will organize workouts next week | ProFootballTalk
Like a lot of us, Michael Vick is starting to tire of this too-quiet offseason. "We've had a nice offseason, a little too long," Vick said Wednesday via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News to a crowd including youth football players.

Players will formally ask league to return to mediation | ProFootballTalk
During Wednesday's hearing on the question of whether the lockout should be lifted while the Brady antitrust lawsuit continues, Judge Susan Nelson encouraged the parties to return to mediation.  A day later, the players will officially ask the league to continue talks.

Talk heats up in Minnesota of Donovan McNabb to the Vikings | ProFootballTalk
We've noted from time to time this offseason that Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is sending mixed signals about what the team plans to do at quarterback this year, and that acquiring a veteran like Donovan McNabb could be an option.

Players publicly express desire to start mediation | ProFootballTalk
With the NFL generally winning the P.R. phase of the labor dispute, the players possibly will score some points by publicly accepting the invitation/suggestion from Judge Susan Nelson to submit to mediation under the ultimate supervision of the federal court in Minnesota.

NFL Players Agree to Mediation Under Oversight of Federal Court
Washington, D.C. – The class of NFL players wrote to Judge Susan Nelson today, embracing her recommendation to participate in mediation under the oversight of the federal court of Minnesota.

Players aren’t interested in NFL’s offer to meet with Cohen | ProFootballTalk
Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the players are not interested in the league’s offer to resume talks with federal mediator George Cohen. They feel that talks with Cohen were unproductive last time and would likely be unproductive again.

League sends a letter of its own | ProFootballTalk
Before the players could send their letter inviting the league to submit to mediation under the ultimate supervision of Judge Susan Nelson, the league has sent a letter to the players urging resumed collective bargaining before George Cohen (pictured).

Judge needs time to rule on NFL lockout