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Getting to Know Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn

If you saw this story from Dave yesterday, you might remember that Todd McShay is predicting guessing the Saints will draft Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn in the first round. Pro Football Weekly posted this Q & A with him today. Here's a snippet:

PFW: What teams have shown the most interest in you?

Clayborn: I wish I knew. There are a few out there, but I'm not really sure. Every team says the same thing so you don't really know what team's interested in you. They come in, work you out, say you did good and then they're pretty much on their way. You can't really get a feel for what team likes you the most.

Clayborn says he expects to be drafted in the late teens or early 20's, but he has no idea who that team may be. They really keep them guessing right up until the end, don't they? Clickety click on their link above for the entire interview. That's right, I actually typed "clickety click." Thank God it's Friday. I'm starting to turn into Ned Flanders.