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April 9, 2010: What Were We Talking About Last Year At This Time?

Where's April 9, 2010 on this calendar? And why can't I find Fleur-D-Licious' picture?  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Where's April 9, 2010 on this calendar? And why can't I find Fleur-D-Licious' picture? (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Good question. In case folks are so burned out on loopy labor talks and tepid draft stories (since they won't be able to sign new players or anything real involving football unless they settle the CBA issues), I thought it might be interesting to revisit last year's topics of discussion when actual football business was going on, and the idea of a lockout was waaaay far away on the horizon.

In checking the story archives, the two biggest stories at that time were: Dave's selection of Everson Griffen for the Saints in the CSC Community Mock Draft (April 7, 2010), and the signing of Alex Brown, which had also just occurred on  April 7.

Make the jump to read some selected excerpts from those stories as well as find out what else was in swing then...

Here's Dave's opening salvo on the Griffen pick:

You're probably asking yourself, "Why did Dave choose Everson Griffen for the Saints when Carlos Dunlap is still available and Dunlap was the player he chose for Mocking the Draft's mock draft?"

Because I'm covering my butt. Truth is, I have no flippin' clue who the Saints will choose with their first pick of the draft. So if I select a different player for every mock draft in which I participate, I've got a greater chance of picking the Saints eventual selection at least once. Then when it happens I can say, "Hey, I knew the Saints would select [Player Name]! I said so in my [Specific Mock Draft] write-up!" Genius, I know. 

Then Dave ran through the conflicting scouting reports on him (nice) and highlighted his troubles with the law:

Once considered a top ten prospect by many, Everson's stock has dropped significantly due to questions concerning his discipline, work ethic and behavior. A large red flag on many a scouts radar is probably Griffen's arrest last Fourth of July. While at a party in a Nantucket, Rhode Island beach house - apparently the former home of an arsonist and now available for rent this Fourth of July for just $6,000 - Griffen and another USC player were booked on charges of breach of the peace. 

Following some other paragraphs and quotes from reports, there were some closing videos, and then the poll revealed that 37% of us agreed with the pick, although there was no burger option to choose.

Choice comments from the peanut gallery:

Grizz - i like the pick

and have been on the everson griffen band wagon for a while now

Stu - prediction for the record

CP will disapprove of the Saints’ pick at #32 in the 2010 draft. Perhaps even the word "moron" or "moronic" will be utilized in expressing this disapproval.

Just for the record.

CP's response - LOL probably so. I dunno. There’s not a ton of guys I’m big on in that projected range, so I’ll probably wind up biting my tongue on whomever they nab. Unless it’s Tebow. That’s when you can start looking for me over at Arrowhead Pride.

Now on to the Alex Brown saga. Dave framed it as such:

Yes!!!! The Saints finally make their first serious post-Super Bowl acquisition of the 2010 off-season. 

93% of CSCers LOVED the signing at that time (again, no burger option), and optimism was sky-high for his impact on our defense.

Check out these comments:

Ezio and DK, respectively, along with the rest of us still never dreamed we'd grab a cornerback in the first round - 

Ezio - Yay!!

Does this mean we’re more likely to take a DT (if available), a DE that we’ll groom, or an OLB?

DanKellyI believe OLB.

CP kicks in with the trivia/historical perspective -

Have we had a player named Alex since Molden? I can’t think of one.

Satch reminded us of those crappy "Final Eight" rules from free agency, but at least there was free agency then:


We finally add a new face to the roster and help fill an important need. My only question about him is can he play left DE as effectively as he has played right DE. Will Smith already has the right side locked up, I would assume, and Brown has little experience playing the left side. How much of a transition will that be? I’m just asking because I don’t know. He has to be an upgrade over Grant at least.

Question: Can we not sign another FA now unless we lose another of equal value? I’m thinking Brown is our replacement roster spot for Fujita, but at a different position.

I’m hoping they now draft a speedy, young OLB with their first round pick.

What's even better, is that Dave the Falconer came by to let us know the Falcons Faithful had their eyes on Mr. Brown, too:

At the risk of being one of those trollish Falcons fans...

….I hate you guys. This was the one remaining free agent I wanted the Falcons to sign, and you grab him and make your team better. GFD!

And WTF with "GFD"? What does that mean? Go f*** a duck? Stu takes a guess and then zings DTF with a classic CSC front office joke:

Gluten-Free Diet???

Sorry, Dave. Mickey and Vicky had the fax machine locked and loaded.

As for Fanposts on the radar then...

Ajun Cajun had this one going post-Alex Brown signing, and it featured one of the earliest Jeff I.B. sightings...

Just 'Nother Day had had Just 'Bout Enough of mock drafts and other such nonsense, so he fired up this Super Bowl XLIV "View From..." piece.

GSO Saints Fan was still trying to cope with Dave's real name.

Also at that time, I was getting pretty psyched about the upcoming debut of Treme.  And guess what? Treme's about to start it's second season soon (April 24, 2011) - woo-hoo!!!!



Here's the Fanpost Archive page from about 12 months ago, in case you're interested in digging deeper. 

And if you want to see what Fanshots were up and running last April 9th or so, go here.