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Mel Kiper's NFL Draft Grades 2011: Saints are Middle of the Pack

Mel Kiper, the NFL Draft know-it-all, has already released his team by team 2011 NFL Draft grades. Of course it's early so Kiper isn't grading the draft based on how well the players perform on the field. Obviously no one knows that yet. Here's the criteria Kiper is using to grade each team this year:

To what degree did teams fill roster gaps? And with each selection, did they get the most possible value out of that spot on the board? Then we balance the two.    

So with all that in mind, how well does he think the Saints did this year? Here is what Kiper had to say about the Saints 2011 NFL draft:

Summary: Saints fans should have been thrilled headed into Saturday. In Round 1, the team got a great value with Jordan at No. 24, then got the best running back in the draft by trading into the No. 28 pick to get Ingram. On Friday, somehow Wilson fell in the Saints' laps at No. 72. He could have gone far higher. I didn't see cornerback as a major need, but Patrick is a nice prospect and teams will be throwing a lot against New Orleans because of how much the Saints figure to score. Romeus is a player who, a year ago, I assumed would go far higher, but injuries have set him back. He's a good risk late. Where the Saints didn't get anything done was at defensive tackle and anywhere along the offensive line, where a tackle could be used. But the top of the draft was good enough where late positional needs can be overlooked to a degree. Of course, a traded Round 1 pick also factors in.

Needs: C+

Value: A-

Overall: B

Honestly, I don't really have much to argue with here. We can all agree that the Saints appear to have gotten great value from a few of their selections. And I get where he's coming from regarding help on the offensive line - though I'm holding out hope on last year's draft pick Charles Brown - so assuming the Saints had addressed that need, he most likely would have given the team an A. 

Any arguments from you guys? Am I being too agreeable?