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Why Isn't Tracy Porter Practicing?

What's going on with Tracy Porter? Is it just me or has his twitter page been a little depressing lately?

Some recent tweets:

"Me going to the club is not looking good...think I will stay in this comfortable bed for the night"

"Tossing and turning...."

"Wish I coulda been home for Mommy's Day...."

"Y am I awake?..."

"Sometimes I miss my bball career...I always wonder how far I could have taken it.."

So he's having a little trouble sleeping lately and he seems to miss his family... no big deal I guess, but I was also shocked to see his name included as one of the high profile players missing practice. Why isn't he at Tulane with the rest of the team?

I realize the practices are completely voluntary, but there's plenty of players showing up who don't even have a contract or a team right now. Even if you say that guys like Jermon Bushrod and Zach Strief are out there because they have something to prove, then what about a guy like Heath Evans? He has nothing left to prove as an accomplished and seasoned veteran and starter. If any of those guys decided not to risk injury and skipped these practices, I wouldn't blame them.

But what's Tracy Porter's excuse? He's under contract, and he lives in and is from the New Orleans area. Instead of working hard towards another Super Bowl and building continuity with his teammates, Porter has been spending his time tweeting about depressing stuff and how he loves to destroy fried fast food and pizza. That doesn't really sound like a player that's too committed to his career, or a player that fits the mold of a Sean Payton type player.

Maybe this is out of character or maybe he's going through a rough time, but I have to admit I'm mildly concerned about Tracy Porter based on the last several days. Granted, it's the off-season and there's nothing to talk about, so I'm admittedly putting more stock in this than I normally would.

What do you guys think? Does it seem the slight bit odd to you that Porter is skipping these workouts and are you concerned?