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NFL Power Rankings: Saints Rank 5th Among Experts

The "experts" - and I'm not using that term sarcastically, that's literally the title they've given themselves - over at have put together their post-draft NFL power rankings. For those not familiar, the team of experts consists of Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan, Jason LaCanfora, Vic Carucci, Steve Wyche, Bucky Brooks and Charles Davis, all of whom ranked each NFL team in the league according to strength.

The Saints' average rank among all seven experts is 5.29 or 5th out of 32 teams overall if we round it out. Not bad I suppose. Vic Carucci ranked the Saints ninth, lower than any of his other colleagues. The smart one of the bunch is apparently Steve Wyche, however, who actually ranked the Saints first overall and was the only one who didn't have the Packers at the top of his list. Damn, it's starting to feel like 2009 again. 

You can rank each team yourself and submit it to be included with other fans power rankings. The fan consensus right now, which has the Saints ranked 4th overall, isn't too far off from the experts. I'm sure that might change a bit after this post however. 

What do you think about the rankings? Make the jump to see my personal NFL power rankings because, hey, I can be an expert too. 

CSC NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team
1 Packers
2 Patriots
3 Saints
4 Steelers
5 Ravens
6 Jets
7 Falcons
8 Colts
9 Giants
10 Buccaneers
11 Eagles
12 Cowboys
13 Rams
14 Lions
15 Chargers
16 Bears
17 Chiefs
18 Texans
19 Jaguars
20 Dolphins
21 Raiders
22 Vikings
23 49ers
24 Seahawks
25 Titans
26 Browns
27 Broncos
28 Redskins
29 Bengals
30 Bills
31 Cardinals
32 Panthers