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Former Saint Billy Miller Defends Reggie Bush's Work Ethic

When will Reggie Bush learn to be careful with what he tweets to the world? The sports media is all a buzz today in reference to the series of tweets he let loose last night. Jeff Duncan thinks this is a sign that Reggie wants out of NOLA. Not sure I'd go that far just yet. It could simply mean that he just doesn't realize how his tweets come across sometimes. Judging by the response he got from many of his followers yesterday, he probably has some idea now.

While most of the sports world is today writing Reggie off as clueless or just plain dumb, former teammate Billy Miller says not so fast.

Miller owns the Elite Performance Factory in Los Angeles, where Bush regularly works out.

"Reggie comes in here and works, just like he always has. He never has any problem working hard," Miller said.

Miller also said he understands the sentiment Bush was expressing. After spending 11 years in the NFL himself, Miller said a lot of veterans are probably grateful to have more time off the field right now and less wear and tear on their bodies, knowing that their coaches will start running them through the grinder as soon as the lockout is lifted.

Will any other players or former players defend Bush against this latest barrage of criticism? He may not need people to have his back. After everyone's most hated sports analyst, Skip Bayless, gave his two cents (actual value = 1 cent), Bush lashed out with a barrage of tweets for "Skippy" and even challenged him to a workout duel of sorts. I can't fault Reggie for this as I've long despised Skippy.

In the future, however, I hope Reggie becomes a little more careful with what he tweets. He's becoming a clown show for the sports media during this long, drawn-out lockout.

Hey Reggie, they're just looking for any reason they can find to criticize you. Don't serve it up to them like this. At least make them work for it.