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Reggie Bush Can't Find Remote, Obviously Not Dedicated to Football

It's official: Reggie Bush most definitely does not have any interest in playing football for the New Orleans Saints any longer.

Earlier today Reggie took to Twitter yet again, showing the world exactly how uncommitted he is to the game of football during these unsure times of the NFL lockout with another ludicrous public outburst: 

Why are TV remotes so hard to find? Seems like they disappear in the house so easy and they know the perfect spot to hide!

Been trying to find my remote the last 15 minutes

Obviously Reggie is too busy sitting at home, searching for his remote and watching TV instead of working out with the Saints or, at least, on his own. This is just the latest in a long line of questionable internet tantrums by the former Heisman winning running back. If any of Bush's previous hysterics didn't cause you to question his dedication and work ethic, this most recent one surely will. We have all got to wonder about Bush's commitment to the Saints, the fans and the city of New Orleans at this point.