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Fleur-de-Links: May 11, 2011


Reggie Bush
Just finished another brutal workout with @. The Perfect Punch cord is a beast!

Alex James Brown
@ you ain't even sweating chump lol just messing with ya hope all is good. Get on the Words with Friends and stop running from me
Tracy Porter
I need to up there then RT @: 85☀ and sunny that's what I'm talking about indiana

Tracy Porter
I tried to get some rest b4 my next workout, but ppl wont all that to happen...

Lance Moore
RT @: In the past couple days of being phoneless, I've realized the iPhone basically defines me as a human ...

Jeff Duncan
Anyone else find it perplexing/ironic that we are bracing for floods here in & it hasn't rained since April 4? Crazy dry spell.

Adam Schefter
Hard to process how Robert "Tractor" Traylor could die at age 34. RIP.

Tracy Porter
Man man man....the workout I just got in makes me WISH I was practicing right now..smh.

DEEUUCCEE! @ RT @ @ with one of my favorite former saints

Darren Sharper
Nobody trips over mountains.It's the small pebble that causes you to stumble.

Darren Sharper
Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will have crossed the mountain.

New Orleans Saints
For a taste of tonight's @, here is clip from @ on Late Night with Conan O'Brien!

Jeff Duncan
Professor Longhair...? RT @: Kyle Turley band playing Zephyr Field Saturday after the Z's game against Tacoma.

Jonathan Vilma
always working hard....its going to pay off, i can feel it

Heath Evans
Naomi just said, "this pig must of been really fat b/c this bacon is amazing!"

Reggie Bush
Been trying to find my remote the last 15 minutes

Reggie Bush
Why are TV remotes so hard to find? Seems like they disappear in the house so easy and they know the perfect spot to hide!

Billy Miller
Today my dad would have been 56. I know I hide my tears with smiles but my life has a void in it. I think you believe I became a good man!

New Orleans Saints
.@ ranked Chris Ivory as the 2nd most elusive RB in 2010, trailing only fellow undrafted rookie LeGarrette Blount

Drew Brees
In DC yesterday for President's Council meeting on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. Physical Ed and Activity are so important in schools

Drew Brees
Probably jogged 4 or 5 miles around the mall in DC yesterday early morning to all the monuments. Great feeling. Proud to be an American

Drew Brees
About to go workout with the fellas. Should see Mark Ingram today. Look forward to seeing the young buck in action

Drew Brees
First round of yoga was good last week. Almost hit all of the poses. Will try to do it again this week. The best part about it is the heat



NFL Career in Limbo: LB Shanle worried Saints may not want to re-sign him
With an assist from Saints beat writer Brian Allee-Walsh of, Shanle has agreed to chronicle his thoughts and concerns during the lockout, now approaching two months.

New Orleans Saints: Ingram Practices, Bush As Trade Bait And Darren Sproles | Who Dat Dish
New Orleans Saints: Ingram Practices, Bush As Trade Bait And Darren Sproles

What’s Happening With Reggie Bush? Rumor Has It That He’s Bought Bin Laden’s Compound " Saints Gab

2011 NFL Draft Winners: New Orleans Saints | We Got This Covered
Last time out I looked at the splendid job done by the Indianapolis Colts, and this time it's on to New Orleans to look at the Saints haul.

Is Reggie Bush Putting the "Twit" In Twitter

Wednesday At The Square Today

Reggie Bush's actions give the appearance he wants out of New Orleans |
He says he was joking with some of his comments

If Bush wants out of New Orleans, he can get out easily | ProFootballTalk
As Rosenthal was writing his post today regarding the connection between Reggie Bush's most recent social media session and his eventual departure from the Saints, yours truly was making the case during PFT Live for the conclusion that Bush wants out.

Saints RB Bush Issues Challenge to Skip Bayless: Can the RB Be His Own Worst Enemy? " NFL Gridiron Gab
Are you ready for some football?

Saints Nation: Someone Please Revoke Reggie Bush's Twitter Account | May

Remaining needs in NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
New Orleans’ biggest need is listed as outside linebacker, even though the Saints drafted Martez Wilson in the third round. But Scott Shanle could become a free agent and Football Outsiders speculates that the Saints could pursue Buffalo’s Paul Posluszny, who could be a restricted free agent.



Barry Cofield on players enjoying lockout: "It really pisses me off" | ProFootballTalk
"It really pisses me off," Cofield told Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger. "My career and some other guys, it’s the definition of irreparable harm. I’m not going to get last year back. That’s a year off my career, a year of pounding on my body. And this offseason I’m not going to get back. Doing the draft before free agency, that hurts a lot of guys. It definitely hurt me."

The NFL media is really bored | ProFootballTalk
As you've probably noticed around here lately, the amount of major NFL stories is starting to dry up in this post-draft lockout purgatory.  That leaves a lot of football reporters searching for stories, when there just aren't a lot of meaningful ones out there.

Goodell on NFL shutdown rumor: "We’re considering a variety of alternatives" | ProFootballTalk
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared on PFT Live Wednesday to address a variety of issues, including the rumors flying of a complete NFL shutdown if the lockout was lifted.

Goodell says four owners will attend mediation next week | ProFootballTalk
Lost in the shuffle regarding the lifting of the lockout and the confusion as to when or if the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ever will issue a ruling on the league's motion to stay the lifting of the lockout pending resolution of the appeal is the fact that mediation tentatively was ...

Dolphins doubt Kevin Kolb is worth the price in a trade | ProFootballTalk
When (or if) the league year eventually starts, one of the biggest stories will be whether the Eagles trade backup quarterback Kevin Kolb, where, and for what compensation.

Rob Gronkowski: Patriots working out quietly, unlike other teams | ProFootballTalk
As the lockout wears on, some teams have gathered for well-publicized, player-organized team workouts. New England tight end Rob Gronkowski says the Patriots are working as hard as anyone. They're just not working hard at bringing attention to themselves.

Goodell on the possibility of a complete shutdown | ProFootballTalk
During today's ProFootballTalk Live, which featured a return visit from Commissioner Roger Goodell, I wanted to give him a chance to address the rumor that, if the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that the lockout should be lifted, the league is considering shutting down all operations until a ...

Bernard Hopkins rips McNabb, says he’s not black but "got a suntan" | ProFootballTalk
Boxer Bernard Hopkins, a Philadelphia native and longtime Eagles fan, is continuing his bizarre campaign of slamming former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb every chance he gets. And this time Hopkins added an element of race to his usual criticisms. According to Philly.

Mawae Expresses Murky Optimism About 2011 Season " Saints Gab
The Definitive New Orleans Saints Blog!

Goodell thinks NFL labor dispute could be settled - New Orleans Saints -
Commissioner Roger Goodell told Cincinnati Bengals season tickets holders that "not enough negotiation is going on" between the owners and players.