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Fleur-de-Links: May 12, 2011


cameron jordan
Memorial weekend... Vegas or rocky point!?

Mark Ingram
"@: Memorial weekend... Vegas or rocky point!?"<----vegas

Adam Schefter
Here's one man's opinion RT @: If lockout is not lifted, I predict no football until at least November, and maybe season lost
Adam Schefter
And so it goes. Again. Michael Gans, 8th Circuit Court Clerk in St. Louis, said he does not expect a ruling on stay today. Again.

Mark Ingram
Word of the day: GRUELING Training for 2 hours in the heat today was !!

Adam Schefter
Veteran WR Derrick Mason has organized off-season workouts for 20-25 Ravens at Towson University on May 24th, 25th, and 26th.

cameron jordan
Officially happy bout life!!! Good day starting woke up bomb breakfast great convo wit my momma serious lift now put into the world!!!

NOLA Saints Nation
Just wrapped up an interview with Saints' 7th round pick @ - awesome guy! He's gonna hit some people. Will post interview soon!

cameron jordan
Upper body work reminiscent of gun city back at CAL hahahaha tiireed I've been layin on the ground for ten min

Malcolm Jenkins
Got a dude next to me on the plane that is fighting not to fall asleep lol we been on the plane 5 mins

Malcolm Jenkins
Ohhhhhhh Down Goes He old guy!!!!

Malcolm Jenkins
Hahaha his head keeps nodding like "sleep" is punching him in the back of the head lol

What do you think of this car? RT @ This is one true @ fan!

Tracy Porter
Man this pool workout is about to kill me. At least its a heated pool though bc it's cold as ish in here.

Usama Young
Need a homemade ice tub!!! RT @: Just got done workin out wit @. Dat joint wuz cru

Lance Moore
Got that great wkout in this morn. Some good lunch. A refreshing shower, and now relaxing for a minute. What's everybody up to?

New Orleans Saints
A video highlight for your lunch hour: Jimmy Graham's 1st Career TD!

Chris Ivory
Fans I need your help! Please check out Ask me a question on our locker room section on the homepage



SAINTS: Blogs " Blog Archive Stevie Johnson defends Bush, is enjoying time off "
NFL Blogs on is the only official NFL blog destination for the latest NFL news, NFL fantasy football news, NFL player news, NFL team news, and NFL breaking news.

Losses In 2010 That Changed The Course Of The Draft For The New Orleans Saints | Who Dat Dish
Losses In 2010 That Changed The Course Of The Draft For The New Orleans Saints

Saints say they want Bush to stay, but is he already gone? - NFL - Football
Reggie Bush said in January he was 'open to whatever' when it came to contract talks. After the Saints drafted Mark Ingram, Larry Holder says the only thing Bush looks open to now is leaving. Can the Saints convince him to stay?

RABALAIS: Bush’s tweets don’t amuse Saints fans | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA
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Your Call: NFC South's best D-line - NFC South Blog - ESPN
More than 6,800 of you voted and 44 percent gave the nod to the Saints. Makes sense. Although there’s not a dominant defensive line in the division, the Saints clearly are the best. They’ve got Will Smith, who has been a very good defensive end at times, and Sedrick Ellis, who has emerged as a force in the middle. The Saints also recently added defensive tackle Shaun Rogers and first-round draft pick Cameron Jordan should provide a long-term upgrade at defensive end.

Saints Nation: Details on Heath Evans' Softball Showdown | May

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson shows the pope his Super Bowl ring |
Benedict XVI examines the ring during the Bensons' brief meeting with him in St. Peter's Square

Tom Benson shows the pope his ring | ProFootballTalk
Tom Benson and his wife somehow secured a few minutes with the Pope Benedict XVI recently at his weekly general audience in Rome. As custom dictates, Benson kissed the Pope's famous Fisherman Ring.   And then Benson offered up a ring of his own.



Bills’ Stevie Johnson: Every NFL player is enjoying the lockout | ProFootballTalk
Reggie Bush was harshly criticized by football fans when he said he was enjoying having some time off during the lockout. But Bush is not alone. Bills receiver Stevie Johnson says that he agrees with what Bush said -- and he thinks every NFL player likes having some time off during the spring.

Dream free agents for NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The NFL draft is long over and all we have to look forward to now is free agency, though we don't know when or how it will come or exactly what it wil

NFL players ask for $707M in damages in TV dispute | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA

Mort: League privately says there won’t be a total shutdown | ProFootballTalk
ESPN's Chris Mortensen has squeezed out a couple of tweets this morning regarding a portion of Roger Goodell's PFT Live interview that was sufficiently compelling to make it onto the ESPN cablewaves on Wednesday.

The NFL litigation train heads back to Minnesota | ProFootballTalk
On March 1, Judge David Doty concluded that the NFL violated the now-expired Collective Bargaining Agreement by leaving on the table money that would have been shared when negotiating the latest national broadcast deals, opting instead to beef up language that would ensure ongoing payments to owners...

NFL pushes bill to reduce sports-related concussions in youths |
Coaches and other sports officials would have to undergo annual training in spotting concussions and other head injuries

Former John Ehret and NFL star Kordell Stewart said he was unaware license was suspended |
Former NFL quarterback and John Ehret star Kordell Stewart, who is now an ESPN analyst, said his arrest on Wednesday in suburban Atlanta stemmed from his own irresponsibility. Stewart said he wasn't aware his driver's license was suspended when he was stopped for speeding by Alpharetta police. But he pledged to be more vigilant in taking care of his...