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CSC Interview: One-on-One with CB Johnny Patrick (Part Two)

Time now for Part Two of my conversation with Saints rookie cornerback Johnny Patrick. In case you somehow missed Part One, you can catch up by reading it here. In this second half, we learn about Johnny's experiences in his short time here in New Orleans so far and some of his personal favorites. 

Thanks again to Johnny Patrick for taking the time to speak with the fans. Good luck to him this season.


Dave:  Have you been following the lockout closely?

Johnny:  No. I'm not really trying to get involved in that. I'm very frustrated as it is that I wasn't able to go to minicamp. I'm just gonna let it all play out and let the older guys take care of that business. 

Dave:  Do you feel slighted at all that you don't get the normal rookie experience?

Johnny:  It's frustrating. I feel like every football player in the NFL feels the same way. Everyone wants to just play ball and I hope they get everything fixed before the season starts so that rookies and everybody in the NFL community gets a chance to play this year. I just hope that they fix it. 



Dave:  Have you gotten a playbook yet?

Johnny:  I've been with guys, Malcolm Jenkins and Jonathan Vilma, great teachers. I've learned a lot from them these past two weeks. I've been in the film with room those guys as much as much as I can. I feel like I'll be ready when the coaches ask me if I'm ready. Malcolm Jenkins and Jonathan Vilma have been doing a great job helping me out. 

Dave:  Yeah, Malcolm seems to really be becoming a leader even those he's only in his third year... 

Johnny:  Yeah, most definitely. I'm just trying to take everything out of him that I can. He knows what I'm going through and what I'm trying to learn. 


Dave:  What are you first impressions of New Orleans?

Johnny:  I love New Orleans, even the fans. It's a great city. I've been having fun. It's a great city. It's hot. 

Dave:  You're from Florida so it's similar weather. 

Johnny:  Yeah, it's similar. What people don't know is that Louisville can get hot too now. Louisville can get hot. 

Dave:  Were you following the Kentucky Derby at all?

Johnny:  Oh yeah. I was there. I would not want to miss that. I would tell you to go next year. That's a great city to be in during the Kentucky Derby. 

Dave:  I've heard there were a lot of similarities between Louisville and New Orleans. 

Johnny:  Yeah, you could say that. 

Dave:  I know you contribute on special teams. Is there any chance we'll see you returning punts and kicks?

Johnny:  Definitely I'm going to take every shot that I can. I feel like I can be a great return guy. I'm gonna go up to coach Payton on the first day and ask him if I can do that. 

Dave:  I'm wondering if the Saints are thinking about using you in that role as well...

Johnny:  That would be a role that I would definitely appreciate doing.

Dave:  I found an article written by Art Carmondy who said when you get in the zone it's best not to mess with you. What does he mean by that?

Johnny:  When I'm on the football field and I'm focused I play pissed off. I play upset. I tend to play as aggressive as I can. When I'm in the zone, I'm in the zone. I'm ready to go.

Dave:  What is it about football that you love so much?

Johnny:  Competitive drive of other players. This is competitive. 

Dave:  Xbox or PS3?

Johnny:  Whew! I've got both of them. It depends on what game I'm playing but I prefer Xbox 360. 

Dave:  Favorite food?

Johnny:  Pasta. I'm a pasta man.

Dave:  Do you have a pre-game ritual?

Johnny:  I look in the mirror and I talk to myself and I ask myself who I am. 

Dave:  Favorite movie?

Johnny:  Whew! Right now my favorite movie is Fast Five. The last movie I saw.

Dave:  That's recent. You like to go to the movies a lot?

Johnny:  Oh yeah. I'm a big movie person.  I watch a ton of movies. I watch movies on my phone. I don't really go out too much. I'll sit at home and watch a movie.

Dave:  Favorite TV show?

Johnny:  The Jamie Foxx Show.

Dave:  Do you have any tattoos?

Johnny:  Oh yeah man.

Dave:  Tell us about one of your more special tattoos...

Johnny:  The one on my chest I really like. It's a scripture. Phillippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I love that verse. 

Dave:  If you weren't playing football, what would you want to be doing?

Johnny:  I'd probably be trying to play basketball. 

Dave:  Did you play basketball in high school or college?

Johnny:  Tried to.