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Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, May 15


moosedenied Did Mitch kiss the BCS Championship ring? RT @wwltvsports RT @scott_cody: Mark Ingram meets with @mayorlandrieu

moosedenied Should've known it wouldn't be long before the local Legitimate Media started playing both sides of the fence on the Reggie Issue. REG-GIE!

moosedenied Ever find yourself lamenting the fact that you don't own a single funnel? And you're all "S***! How is that even possible?"

MilneMalbrough How dare Reggie not work out 45 hours a day, 9 days a week, 398 days a year to make sure I'm entertained in the Fall? Shame on you Reggie

(HansDat note: nice of Wang to use the contraction "should've" instead of the increasingly common "should of") 

Twitter (continued)

greggrosenthal Sarah Silverman just got bleeped on Fox telecast for saying Masshole twice. Will get criticized but i loved it.

greggrosenthal Loved it if only to see Joe Buck sweat. Also i agree with her: LSD should be allowed as a treat for pitchers.

(HansDat note: I chuckled at the Silverman video, but it was mostly awkward, annoying sports-celeb interview during a game)

JonVilma51 Watching jeepers creepers..kinda gross lol

JonVilma51 Watching part 1 but every1s sayin I gota watch part 2, watching it next....

HeathEvans Did u guys c what happened 2 @ochocinco tonight? He took H-O-R-N-Y to an all new level!

HeathEvans SILENT AUCTION 4 KIDS UPDATE! Bid 2 beat -$200! Go 2 2 learn how 2 bid

alexbrown96  Win the game 4-1 and Tony closed out the last two innings with no hits and a walk. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope we bring the trophy home

alexbrown96 Profile pic is of @karimarbrown and myself on Halloween a few years back..

alexbrown96 Tournament cancelled! So mad and disappointed & I have to go break the news to Tony he'll be upset about this for sure. Midwest weather smh

LanceMoore16 RT @NickMoore_1: Wheels up, Columbus< See u soon runc. We got a game!!!

HeathEvans Saved by grace & faith, not by works! Good thing b/c I'm skipping church to talk to the kids @reggie_bush's football camp today! #4THEKIDS

greggrosenthal Why draft prospects may want to think twice before typing "Rise and Grind"

MalcolmJenkins Headed back to NOLA after a long weekend. Two weddings in two pooped

greggrosenthal  yes, that'd be worse.RT @JohnThornton how bout "wake n bake" RT Why prospects should think twice before typing Rise and Grind.

jeffduncantp Yes. Saw him there last week. RT @sportfanatik@jeffduncantphas P Robinson been at the player initiated "OTA"'s?

sharper42 Woke up thinking why do people assume things about you when they really don't know you. To prejudge is to be pre wrong!!!

HeathEvans "@DaddyDuggan@HeathEvans Just checking to see if the Brees jersey package arrived. I havent checked the tracking number as of yet."Got it!

jeffduncantp Most definitely. They're getting in shape. RT @Saintsfan422@jeffduncantp u think the Saints are getting much out of these workouts?

HeathEvans Speaking to the kids @reggie_bush's Football camp!

greggrosenthal 1. wouldnt shock me if he doesnt get any offer he'll take. 2. skins, jets RT @evansilva Trying to find landing spot for R Moss. Suggestions?

greggrosenthal I know Randy Moss wants to keep playing. Will he do it if best offer is 1 year, $2-3 million?


Saints Stuff

Meet Saints Rookies Wilson, Bussey |
Mike Detillier (Sports Correspondent) - During this season’s draft process, the New Orleans Saints had two players on their roster from the University of Illinois in running back Pierre Thomas and linebacker Danny Clark.

Reggie Bush says he wants to retire with the New Orleans Saints |
James Varney - Standing on the same field he has thus far dodged during voluntary New Orleans Saints offseason workouts, running back Reggie Bush said Saturday he hopes to retire as a Saint and apologized for any discomfort his recent spate of controversial tweets may have caused New Orleans fans.

The best bottom line for Reggie Bush is to stay with the New Orleans Saints |
Jeff Duncan - The on-again, off-again love affair between Reggie Bush and New Orleans was back on again Saturday.

Saints running back Reggie Bush eschews Twitter, talks future with local media |
B A-W: After being conspicuously absent from the first two weeks of "players only’’ workouts, veteran New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush finally found his way to the Westfeldt Practice Facility at Tulane University. (Includes video.)

Reggie Bush on right path with Saints |
Pat Y. - The man who already said farewell to New Orleans and wrote how he was relaxing during the offseason was back in Louisiana and sweating it out on a football field Saturday.

Watch this at WWL

Labor Pains

Undrafted Free Agents Work Out and Keep On Sweating During N.F.L. Lockout |
Judy Battista - On the day the N.F.L. lockout entered its third month, while players and owners argued in a Minneapolis court over billions of dollars in television revenue, Dan DePalma was exerting his sliver of control over football on a high school field in Hoboken, N.J., last week.

League claims to be investigating reports of lockout contact |
Mike Florio - Even during the lockout, the weekdays often entail a blur of activity.  On Saturdays and Sundays, we try to catch anything that we may have overlooked. (HansDat note: let's see Goodell bring the hammer down on the cheaters - it better be a big hammer to get them all...maybe Mjolnir, perhaps?)

NFL players, coaches violate lockout by staying in touch |
Mike Freeman - Over a two-week period, I spoke with a half-dozen players and handful of assistant coaches from both conferences. The picture that emerges is one where coaches and players, despite rules against it, stay in almost weekly contact with one another using a variety of technologies.

NFL looking into allegations |
Clark Judge - The NFL said it is "taking seriously" allegations that there's been contact between assistant coaches and players during the lockout and will launch an inquiry to determine if there has been wrongdoing.

League monitoring coach-player contact in "various ways" |
Mike Florio - Earlier today, Mike Freeman of reported that players and assistant coaches have been in regular contact during the lockout, despite clear orders against having such communications.

Players and coaches are talking, as should be expected |
Gregg Rosenthal - Earlier this week, we passed along the not-so-surprising news that widespread communication is taking place between players and assistant coaches during the lockout. PFT Live guest Rodney Harrison says it’s to be expected in such a competitive league.