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NBC "Optimistic" Lockout will End, NFL Football will Return

Yesterday, NBC outlined it's 2011 fall primetime programming schedule and it's popular staple Sunday Night Football still remains firmly in their plans, though they do have a backup plan just in case.  NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt commented on the networks intentions:

By devoting its Sunday night prime-time schedule in the fall to pro football, NBC appeared confident that the NFL's labor problems would be solved. Greenblatt said NBC is developing some high-profile reality competitions as substitutes for football but said that "we're feeling pretty optimistic that football will be there."    

I'm glad Greenblatt is optimistic, because I'm not. I also don't have billions of my company's dollars at stake so perhaps his optimism is a bit optimistic. Hopefully, Greenblatt knows something that we don't. But if he truly did think the NFL lockout situation would be resolved in time, NBC wouldn't be wasting time and money coming up with substitute reality competitions just in case now would they?