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NFL LOCKOUT UPDATE: Stay Granted, Lockout Will Continue

Bad news, NFL fans. The U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the NFL's motion for a stay which means the lockout will continue for another few weeks until the appeal is decided. Albert Breer delivered the news via his Twitter account:

US Chamber of Commerce moves to file an amicus brief in the 8th Circuit...8th circuit grants NFL's motion for stay on appeal...Judge Bye again dissents. But the stay is granted.

When will the appeal be decided? Probably in a few weeks on June 3rd. We're looking at the end of June before a decision is made, says Breer:

Again, stay ruling isn't nearly as pivotal -- in relating to the 2011 season -- as the appeal ruling coming off the June 3 hearing.    

Which means we probably won't get to see any minicamps or OTA's this summer:

For those worried...Here's the thing: Stay ruling does likely kill OTAs, minicamps, etc. But 8th circuit ruling on appeal is the real big 1.    

But there is hope that the season may still be saved:

Hope for NFL fans: League proposal that judge ordered sparks serious movement. We'll see. Ball in NFL's court. Leverage is theirs for now.

As thought, one of keys to staying lockout was expedited appeal process, as case can be resolved "well before beginning of season".    

The vote to grant the stay was the same as it was when the temporary stay was granted: 

As with temporary stay, 2-1 opinion. Justice Bye dissents.    

This is bad news for the players and very good news for the owners, as this decision represents a momentum shift in their favor. Per Adam Schefter:

Owners now have the leverage. This is a complete win for the owners. Players are in trouble, based on judge's words in this ruling.    

Amid all the other hoopla, there was also news on the (former) NFLPA's earlier decision to decertify:

Also today, U.S. Chamber of Commerce files amicus brief on behalf of NFL, supporting league's contention that decertification a sham.    

Stay classy, NFL.