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Ask Canal Street Chronicles

The month of May is miserable enough during the regular NFL off-season, but now that we know the NFL lockout will continue for another few weeks, as a blogger it's going to become even more difficult to come up with relevant topics to write about. Unless Reggie Bush decides to speak his mind on Twitter, of course. After a quick look around SB Nation's other football blogs, I've noticed I'm not alone.

Some of my colleagues have decided to try out a mailbag type of post, soliciting questions from readers and then answering them later in a follow-up post. Since I'm unoriginal and have no good ideas of my own, I figured I would give it a shot myself. Hopefully it will be both entertaining and discussion generating. 

So if you've got a burning question you've been dying to know my answer to, send an email to, send me a tweet @csctweet, post on our wall at Canal Street Chronicles Facebook page or just ask me in the comment section below. They can be about the Saints, the NFL, the blog or even personal. Don't forget to leave your first name and last initial so we can give you credit for the question. 

I will round up the best questions, from what will hopefully be a healthy supply of inquisitions, and answer them in a timely fashion in a second post. If all goes well and you guys enjoy the idea, we can easily make this a regular event even if/when the lockout finally ends. If the response isn't great, this is probably the last you'll hear of it.