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Ask Canal Street Chronicles: Answering Your Questions

Yesterday, I asked you guys to submit any Saints, NFL or CSC related questions you had in an effort to start up a Saints mailbag type series of posts. The response was great for a first time out and now I've got your answers. Let me know if you like this idea and we will try doing this again next week. Please also vote in our poll below and let me know if you like our new feature. Thanks to those who took part.

Who do you think wins the #1 and #2 seeds in the NFC based on talent today, assuming old free agents get re-signed. - Jon Banks

I think it's only fair to put the Green Bay Packers at No. 1; they are the reigning champs. Besides, it would be a bit hypocritical of me after getting so irate last off-season at anyone who dared not deem the Saints worthy of their No. 1 spot in their off-season NFL rankings. After the Packers I think you've definitely got to consider the Saints for that second seed. Obviously, I'm biased. But I'm really excited about their draft class. I think they really addressed some immediate needs. I could easily see a Packers vs. Saints NFC Championship Game.

Why do you think Brees threw so many INTs when he could've just ran at least 10 yds on some plays or just ate the sack? Was he suffering from some kind of injury? - fshabazz

This past January Sean Payton admitted that Drew Brees suffered a low-grade MCL sprain but I can't accurately say that's what caused his higher than normal interception numbers. Personally, I thought the problem with Brees this past season was more his decision making. In the face of pressure, Drew made some curious decisions and often looked a bit like Brett Favre. Sometimes it didn't work out too well. I don't know whether a knee injury would have anything to do with a dip in decision making ability.

Who is your favorite contributor to the site and why? - Csc M.

Like a proud mama bear, I love each one of them equally and unconditionally. Seriously, though, they really help by providing quality content on a regular basis to keep this place alive all day long. And they allow me time to actually take a nap. Thanks to them for all that they do.

Would you watch scab football? - snowboard_kat

Interesting question. I'm a season ticket holder so if there were scab football I would assume that means the regular NFL season continues as normal and my tickets are still valid. I wouldn't give them up so if I'm already paying for the tickets, I'm probably going to attend the games though I doubt I'd be excited about it. It would certainly be the ultimate sobering and surreal reminder of just how silly this stupid lockout has become.

I don't know if SB Nation allows you access to information of this sort, but I'd be curious about the impact of the lockout on traffic at CSC compared to last year. Of course, coming off the Super Bowl win, site traffic last offseason may not be the best barometer. But a year-over-year comparison of hits and the like would be interesting, at least to me. - Mobile S.

The lockout has not had any effect on traffic. This past April saw almost 10,000 more visits than last April. We're halfway through May and it looks like we will see significantly more traffic this month than May of last year. We've had great support and I hope to keep things interesting around here even during the slowest of times.

Dave, how about an update on the Superdome renovations? - St. Jenkins

As a plaza level season ticket holder whose seats will be directly affected, I've been paying close attention to the off-season upgrades to the Superdome. I am incredibly excited about the idea that my seats are going to be closer to the field and have better sight lines. I also think the widening of the plaza level concourse should help the flow of traffic inside the dome, which leaves much to be desired. The latest pictures of the renovation were taken on May 2nd and can be found, with notes, on the Superdome's official website. They've also got pictures of the Champions Square renovations. The Saints official website has 36 photos taken on April 25th.

I have a childish question. How often do you sit in your superdome seat? - Csc M.

Not very often honestly. It's still sitting on the sales floor of my store. I have only partially executed my plans to screw it down to a wood base which will allow it to stand alone instead of leaning on my counter. For those that don't know, this question is in reference to my old Superdome seat which I received as a gift after it was torn out for the current renovations.