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Fleur-de-Links: May 2, 2011


Lance Moore
RT @: RT @: If the world ever learns the names of those Navy SEALs who took out Bin Laden, those ...

As always, American Flag, Louisiana State Flag & SB XLIV Flag are flying strong outside the Saints facility today!
Jeff Duncan
players teaming for informal workouts. RT @: players will work out at Tulane. Workouts are closed to public.

Jeff Duncan
RT @: Stinchcomb: This is opp. for us to get quality work & cont. 2 build camaraderie & accountability it takes 2 be champions

New Orleans Saints
Gumbo at film shoot for PSA with kids for @. Remember to sign up and help your favorite kids build the

Jonathan Vilma
@ EASY win for the D

Chase Daniel
Great day of workouts with my guys today! We stay together, no matter what!

Alex James Brown
Love em or hate em Todd McShay and Kiper have to watch a ton of film...

Jonathan Vilma
Heading back to workouts wit my boys!! I dnt care wat they say, we're playing fball this yr!

Heath Evans
"@: @ Can't wait til you get a jersey number so I can get a jersey made." He'd look sweet in 44 for a small fee!!

Jerry McLeod
by DougTatum
Charlie Sheen is in Alabama, touring the destruction. Haven't those people suffered enough?

Mark Ingram
by DougTatum
Got my Saints hat on today!! !

Malcolm Jenkins
Just had a good workout... Gotta ice down then relax... I think I'll watch some ATL film

Jermon Bushrod
Goooood workout in.. If I could just find a bed or couch

New Orleans Saints
Concerning "Predict the Saints 1st Draft Pick" Contest. No one picked Jordan, but 27 people said Ingram. We will pick a winner from the 27!




New Orleans Saints players to begin organized workouts Tuesday |
Players flying into town to join quarterback Drew Brees

The Browns can’t keep their Jordans straight | ProFootballTalk
Apparently, we weren't the only ones that got a little confused by the presence of Cal's Cameron Jordan and USC's Jordan Cameron in the 2011 draft. Cameron Jordan, the Saints' first round pick, was visiting his new team's facility on Sunday when he got a phone call, according to SI.

More on Reggie Bush's future with Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Why is Pat linking to Jason Cole's article? The guy is very vague with his "information." Come on, Pat!

Saints: RB Ingram Early Favorite For Offensive Rookie Of The Year " Who Dat Dish | A New Orleans Saints Blog
New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram favorite for offensive rookie of the year in 2011



Call It: NFC South's best draft? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
It seems like every draft guru in the world is giving out draft grades or at least declaring winners and losers. But I think it would be fun to hear

After making Mark Ingram cry, Suzy Kolber takes some criticism | ProFootballTalk
"You don’t spring this sort of letter upon a 21-year-old kid on national TV," Pearlman wrote. "It might make for great viewing, but it’s dishonest, dishonorable and wrong. This is the life he’s been handed—a father behind bars; trying to overcome that and somehow get past it. He should be celebrated. Not exploited."

Undrafted free agents have to wait - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Monday after the NFL draft usually is a day in which teams spend signing dozens of undrafted free agents. It’s not going to happen on schedu



The same judges will handle the motion for a stay | ProFootballTalk
While hunting-and-pecking our recent item regarding the possibility that the lockout, which returned on Friday, could once again be lifted, I paused to send an e-mail to Michael Gans, Clerk of the U.S.

NFL files brief, uses players’ words on lockout against them | ProFootballTalk
Still feeling that "back to football" buzz after draft weekend?   The NFL is ready to kill it. The labor legal war rolled on Monday morning, when the league filed a brief to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, making their case for a more permanent "stay" of the injunction lifting the lockout.

Dave Duerson had brain damage | ProFootballTalk
Before Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest, he left a note asking that his brain be studied for clues to whether brain damage suffered during his NFL career had contributed to his depression, headaches and other health problems.

History doesn't favor Newton/Rivera - NFC South Blog - ESPN
I’m not trying to curb the enthusiasm in the Carolinas after the Panthers used the No. 1 overall pick in the draft on quarterback Cam Newton.