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Jonathan Vilma on PFT Live

Not much going on in Who Dat Nation today. In fact, it's so quiet that even the crickets have gotten bored and stopped chirping. However, I did find an interesting video segment where Jonathan Vilma did about a ten minute interview with Mike Florio at It's not an embeddable video, so you'll have to click this link to watch it.

If you can stand the sight of Mike Florio, I highly recommend it for those in need of a Saints fix today. Big Jon talks about the "Be a Pro Football Player for a Day" raffle, the NFL lockout and how long he thinks will be needed for players to get ready for the season once it finally ends, the Green Bay Packers game to start the season, and the ever competitive NFC South division. In a surprise tweet, former Saint Scott Fujita even chimes in and has some fun with his former teammate.