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Fleur-de-Links: May 20, 2011


Panini America
by Mark_Ingram22
Adam Schefter


SAINTS: Blogs " Blog Archive Ingram looking forward to playing with Bush "
"I’m really looking forward to being in the same backfield as him and being able to learn from him," Ingram said of Bush, a first-round pick by the Saints in 2006. "Definitely (we want him there). I think it would be nothing but an advantage for our team to have an explosive guy like him in our offense. I think everyone still wants him. He’s congratulated me and has given me positive advice. He’s always been good to me."

NFC South NFL's Best Division; Saints Primed For Third Division Crown? | Who Dat Dish
NFC South NFL's Best Division; Saints Primed For Third Division Crown?

Reviewing film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog - ESPN
We started the NFC South chat early Friday and, despite the lockout, you came up with all sorts of great questions.

PFT Live: Jonathan Vilma joins the show | ProFootballTalk
We wrap up the week on PFT Live with a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion: Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Vilma will talk about the Saints workouts at Tulane University,  and the raffle the Saints are holding for a fan to join those workouts.

Knight was a true Saint |
There is a quick story I want to share about former New Orleans Saints safety Sammy Knight.

New Orleans Saints reader comment: Evans' story one of strength, perseverence |
Highlighting comments from our readers

A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Roman Harper | Who Dat Dish
A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Roman Harper

After Reggie Bush, players hesitate to admit they enjoy time off | ProFootballTalk
Reggie Bush caused a stir when he expressed on Twitter and Facebook that he was having a good time relaxing during the lockout. Fans pounced on Bush, who quickly said he had just been joking. And now other players are hesitant to admit that they, too, are enjoying some time off.

Video: Saints FB Heath Evans - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Saints fullback Heath Evans talks about his charity softball game and Reggie Bush's recent tweets.



NFLPA director tells graduates that owners are like detractors they'll face in the future |
"Do we care enough about who we are and who we want to be?" Smith said. "The decision to pursue and if necessary fight for what is fair was a decision those players made two years ago. And I've got to tell you, it's vastly different from something as simple as 'shut up and play.' That's not the decision that we made. We made the decision to fight for who we were going to be and who we are."

NFL: Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans among teams most affected by lockout - ESPN
While the labor-plagued offseason is hurting teams such as the Vikings and Titans, stable clubs with veteran leadership are equipped to weather the storm, writes John Clayton.

League, players squabble over deadlines in antitrust lawsuit | ProFootballTalk
The to-lift-or-not-to-lift-the-lockout fight currently pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit represents only the first battle in the war declared by the players via the Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit.  Regardless of whether the lockout is or isn't lifted, the case will continue.

Dimitroff indicates Falcons could be open for Hard Knocks | ProFootballTalk
Two years ago, the Falcons turned down a chance to be on Hard Knocks. Based on G.M. Thomas Dimitroff's conversation on Sirius XM NFL radio Friday, the answer could be different if asked again.

Bart Scott: If Jets don’t win Super Bowl, we’re a joke | ProFootballTalk
Jets linebacker Bart Scott is thrilled that his coach, Rex Ryan, has boldly stated that they'll win the Super Bowl. But he also knows what everyone will say about the Jets if they fall short.

Aaron Rodgers reflects on the craziness that is Super Bowl pregame | ProFootballTalk
When they tossed the coin at Super Bowl I, there were a grand total of five people on the field: Two Packers captains, two Chiefs captains, and the referee. Aaron Rodgers knows first-hand that a lot has changed since then.

Stafford says he’s all the way back, teammates agree | ProFootballTalk
Lions fans have to be among the most annoyed in the league during the lockout. This should be an offseason of wild, over-the-top optimism for the fans of the downtrodden franchise.