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This Week in Labor Pains: May 16-20, 2011

I'm sure sick of these "perp walks" being the only new NFL photos on the web... (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
I'm sure sick of these "perp walks" being the only new NFL photos on the web... (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to a brief round-up of the week's developments on the NFL Lockout and NFLPA Decertification along with the Lamentations of NFL Fans Everywhere as this whole mess drags on...

On Monday, we had the 8th Circuit completely overturning the STAY granted by the Judge Judy back on the eve of the draft:

N.F.L. Wins Full Delay in Lockout Case |
Judy Battista - The decision is a victory for owners in a legal battle with players, and means the league will remain closed.

Stay a Little Longer: NFL Lockout Continues |
Andrew Brandt (President, The National Football Post) - The NFL received a major leverage shift from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday night with a ruling that keeps the NFL-imposed lockout in place through the appeals process, likely until late June or early July, at the earliest.


And then the subsequent analysis and commentary and "what now?" musings:

Eighth Circuit Heading in the Wrong Direction in Football Dispute |
Roger I. Abrams (Richardson Professor of Law, Northeastern) - The district court's injunction against the lockout will be reversed once the circuit court hears the merits on that issue because of a statute that was designed by Congress to protect unions. Apparently, once a union, always a union.

In Wake of Ruling, Possibility of Progress in N.F.L. Lockout |
Judy Battista - A judge told N.F.L. owners and players he wanted new proposals next week that would narrow the differences that remained when talks broke off March 11.


Later in the week, we had the NFL trying to stall a bit...

N.F.L. Requests More Time to Respond to Players’ Lawsuit |
Judy Battista - The N.F.L. asked Thursday for more time to respond to the antitrust lawsuit brought by players in the Brady vs. N.F.L. case.


...and then some back and forth about the NFL's deal with the networks to get paid (or secure a loan, of sorts) whether games are played in 2011 or not:

Lockout insurance ruling may not provide lockout insurance for players | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - If the Eighth Circuit, as is now expected, rules that the lockout will continue beyond the middle of June, the only other short-term source of litigation leverage for the players comes from the damages award from Judge David Doty in the so-called lockout insurance case.

* * *

And now I put it to you, CSCers. I've read all these articles, and my head is swimming with confusion.

What does all this mean? Where are we with all this, and what's next?

Chime in below, please.