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Canal Street Chronicles' Where Y'at Map

A long time ago here on Canal Street Chronicles we put together a crude demographic database of all our members to find out just where everyone lived and how far the Who Dat Nation actually spread. The results were interesting. Times have changed, however, and technology now allows us to do significantly more. Instead of some simple charts and graphs based on reader comments, I thought it would be a lot cooler to have an actual up-to-date map showing where each and every one of you guys live.  

Here's how it works...

I've gone ahead and started a publicly shared Google map called Canal Street Chronicles Family. You can access it easily by clicking here. To add yourself to the map, however, you'll need to sign in to your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, I highly recommend starting one so you can access all of the other wonderful features that Google has to offer. They're taking over the world so you might as well get on board or be left behind.  

Once you're there and signed in, click on the Edit button. 


Now that you're in edit mode, zoom into the part of the globe where you are located and select the placemark button. 


Then place the placemark at your location. If you're concerned about privacy, you certainly don't need to place it exactly on top of your house. Just make sure it's in your town or neighborhood. Once it's placed, type your member name or actual name in the title box.  


If that's all you want to include, click "OK" and you're done. If you want to add a little more flare, you can upload your profile picture or any other picture and add any other description you'd like. PLEASE DON'T DELETE ANYONE ELSE'S PLACEMARKS. 

An interactive copy of the map can be seen below and should be live updating, including everyone's placemarks as they actually place them. Hopefully, by the end of the day, our map will be populated with lots of your placemarks. 

Well...what are you waiting for? 


View The Canal Street Chronicles Family in a larger map